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She's very Julia Anderson. Oh, well, have you in a second they said, Julia, what's your question? Where are you from? From Minneapolis. One of my favorite cities, Julia Anderson. What's your question? Yeah, so after the apology to Everton and Frank Lampard, that obviously doesn't help you out very much, Raj. Are we hearing anything about investigating refs or a more transparent process for BAR? You're talking about news that Germany sees Mike dean's $800 million yacht this afternoon. Of course, yes. His 80 pound dinghy. I'm so annoyed. I am so unbelievably bloody annoyed about this. It's probably best that I don't speak about it. I mean, when you watch David, the ball bounce off Rodri's arm. He may clear and obvious way, but what if you're a Liverpool fan and they are bearing down on city if you're in Everton fan, then you get an apology, do you get to swap the apology for a point if you are in the relegation zone at the end when the music stops? What are you? Well, I mean, you know, one problem is is that now everyone's going to be looking for an apology. This is going to be the beginning of like a, you know, they're going to be apologies every single week. I'm not saying that this wasn't egregious, roger. It was egregious, but there are going to be a lot of apologies. Everybody's going to be looking for the policies. No. No, I, you know, you know, you can see evil or you can see incompetence, and it's just incompetence. It was mass incompetence. And it affected Everton, even though there's a very good chance I think you stated on the pod that Everton would have missed the ensuing penalty. But it's. Awful and you're right. You never get the point back, and that point could be the difference between staying up and going down and it could be the difference between Liverpool catching city or not catching cities. So it has massive, massive consequence. My ding job would be a great band name. Nathan woodle Doug Helmut, we're about to get to you, but Nathan wood will tell us where you are and what your question. Hey fellas, I am here in Austin, Texas. My question for you. Yeah, it's a good time from the ATX. Absolutely. All day long. The question I've got for you are trying to be respectful of your time here. My perception. And I could be wrong. I want you guys to weigh in on this. My perception is that we talk about the EFL Cup and the FA Cup. Like there are these great opportunities for upsets. Like these guys, you know, these smaller teams, the championship sides, the league two sides can rise up and beat the big boys in the primary league. And you do see that from time to time in the preliminary rounds, but it seems like at the end of the day, it's the liverpools and the Chelsea is the play in the final. And the Liverpool's win. So am I wrong in thinking that with all of the discussion of these underdogs in the knockout competitions, that's all blowing smoke or am I not giving those competitions enough credit? Why do they not take it more seriously, you mean? Well, why do they not take it more seriously or do they take it more seriously and they still get beaten? I can say that right now the economics of the ultimately the carabao cup is hilarious until you get into the final rounds when it does mean something. From a silverware and branding perspective. But the money's in are so tiny and the caravan kept the lead cut was originally created before lots of European tournaments really became bleated. Once floodlights were invented so that there could be some more mid week football. It was really no purpose for the carabao trying to explain what the carabao is to want to just got soccer curious. It makes no even the NIT. I mean, it's like, it's ridiculous. The FA Cup. You have to start with, so look, we didn't used to have floodlights. Yeah. They weren't invented in Britain until the 1970s. The FA Cup has got this wonderful tradition and we love it. It's really built it. They were my memories. But the financial realities of winning it, even what you get are Europa cut places. It's just not enough for the mid level Premier League teams to risk, they when they evaluate, is it till we give our first team a week off in that third round and have them refresh and get the point we need in the Premier League to stay in the Premier League, always the latter is right. And it pains me. As an Everton fan, you know I would bite your arm off to win something, see my kids be there, share those memories, have been to Wembley number of times semifinals and finals with my kids and watch us get crapped on. And I would love that, but ultimately it's a risk assessment and that is how they treat it, that nobody, everyone's afraid of relegation, more than they are excited to win. Any of those things. They're not fans. They're making business decisions. And that's ultimately at your view for human being, having said that God, please let this beat burn wood tomorrow. We are going to wrap this one up with a great Doug helm, right? Dougie H tell us where you're from or which question? Rod, hey David, this is Doug from Dublin, Ohio, staunch Crystal Palace, and Columbus crew supporter. Wow. Every morning at work, we do a daily trivia question in today's daily trivia questions dealt with something called the singing ringing tree found in Burnley Lancashire. And my main question is, how can I be following men in blazers for years and not have heard of this in my related question is, how is that also not sponsored by Dave fishing minibus? Well, we don't know that it isn't. But we will look into that immediately, rod, no doubt you're like in the Google right now, all you've already known about it for you. A giant metal sculpture is all I know about it. Have actually seen the singing ringing tree I've stubbed my toe on the singing ringing tree late at night when a may or may not have been drunk. I'm starting to think no Doug that maybe Dave fishwick is a minibus oligarch. Could that be it? Excellent point. I don't know. Is that the force this divestiture? Is he not the only girl? Look up the singing ringing tree. Is this weird wind powered thing, which kind of resembles the tree overlooks the whole city. And when you actually Google it, you'll kind of know why they fish.

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