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Pressure systems. Keeping the weather patterns. Pretty quiet here across southeast Texas down into the upper thirties overnight tonight, clouds after sunshine Friday, high of sixty weekend looks good with sunshine, mid and upper sixty s seventy degrees. Monday early next week than another blast a cold come in for Tuesday. Highs in the forties. Lows in the mid thirties. I'm Scott Lawrimore at the Weather Channel, clear skies and forty of the KTAR h top tax defenders twenty four hour weather center. KTAR rates news time is to what our top story. President Trump keeping his options open as the Senate negotiates plans to end the partial government shutdown fund a border wall. Democrats continue to finger point amid the longest partial government shutdown in US history is a crisis that the president alone created and at the president alone can end house speaker Nancy Pelosi, the White House has called for five point seven billion dollars as part of any deal to fully fund Washington. That's been a non starter for Democrats. Now, the president is Cigna. Delaney be open to compromise in exchange for a Bill that temporarily ends the partial shutdown one of the ideas suggested as they open it. They pay sort of a pro rated down payment this after a pair of Senate bills failed to move forward. One back by Democrats, the other by Republicans, Tom Graham, Fox News at least two people injured with burns yesterday when an industrial plant caught fire in Conroe it happened on Jefferson chemical road near FM thirty eight thirty crews say the blaze was caused by an electrical panel exploding. The plant was evacuated as a precaution has met crews were called in the Harris County Democratic Party is supporting Sheila jackson-lee decision to resign as chair of the Congressional Black caucus foundation jackson-lee represents Texas's eighteenth district here in the Houston area. She stepped down from her position with the caucus on Wednesday. The congresswoman has come under scrutiny because a former staffer claims that Jackson Lee fired her for reporting a caucus supervisor had sexually assaulted her in two thousand fifteen. Gas prices starting to creep up last week and gas is costing you even more this week prices are up pretty much across the state this week. Houston is up by four cents on the weak dollar ninety six for a gallon of regular unleaded the statewide average reaching a dollar ninety nine so almost to that two dollar. Mark Danny Armbruster with AAA Texas tells KTAR h it's because of rising oil prices, and as it whatever happens over the next few days will determine what you'll pay to fill up in the coming weeks. KTAR h news time is down to old St. fake beta work account, getting some attention Twitter temporarily pulls the plug on a phony account posing as former Texas Senate candidate Beto, aerobic fans. Quickly noticed at Beddoes blog sharing posts in the style of the Democrats actual online journal the handle at comfortably smug claim to be in contact with the person running the spoof account and Sheridan emails, supposedly from Twitter, stating it pulled for violating rules on impersonation. And would not be. Restored, not long after the account reappeared under the name at Beto fake blog named not does journal clearly identifying itself as a parody page Twitter and reps for a rock have yet to respond Christine Goodwin. Fox News and sports James harden is a starter in the NBA all star game for the third straight season. And of course, for good reason. The beard leads the league in scoring it over thirty six points per game, including Twenty-one straight games with at least thirty points. Hard knows. He's now approaching records held by legends like Wilt Chamberlain every day..

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