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Story admitted jail killer Cosmo DiNardo won't honor a subpoena to testify in the trial of his post in charge with many of the same crime that's ahead in the next fifteen minutes good morning I'm John obstacle which counterpart prominence at the editor's desk ventured is the goal when it comes to disease outbreak according to Dr Linda Detwiler veterinarian medical officer with the US department of agriculture's animal and plant health inspection services he's leading a mock disease outbreak for students the Delaware Valley university in Doylestown because it's essential to learn what to do to keep animals and humans healthy and safe we do have pieces that go between humans and animals for example certain strains of influenza especially chickens in humans and some of these have actually a higher death rate in humans and so those are in case any of the strains of like in full ones would be introduced in the United States it would be good for them in their careers to be able to know how to respond the training sessions are held all over because disease outbreaks are costly in human and economic terms of Philadelphia jury has convicted a man of murdering a thirteen year old boys he sat with friends inside a Chinese restaurant nearly two years ago Hey why nobody crime and justice reporter Kristin Johannson explains video and a jacket by the defendant the murder the court room remains silent as the jury read that twenty two your time your Johnson was guilty of first degree murder and related gun offenses in the death of a thirteen year old seer Davis proctor Johnson has maintained.

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