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That's another great topic, particularly in the era of super great stress off 22. Any stress is not good. You have a chronic stress people learned to live with stress. One can say that a New York City everybody stressed, perhaps because everybody's stressed you don't even notice you stressed. Anyhow, let's go beyond that. And what you said, is absolutely right. The chronic elevations in all the cardiac risk factors such as high blood pressure. Hype cholesterol the the great waist circumference, abdominal obesity, so to speak, which is linked with a lot of widespread inflammation inside the body can all be the tremendous prediabetes very much associated as well on the same time. We have no proof that even exacerbations of heart disease, Certain kinds of heart attacks are related with stress that what we call a broken heart in the past. That was something that associated maybe tow the end off over love affair or to the end of a Auto end of a life of a loved one. And now we know that this actually a heart condition that's call that and and you do. The tremendous amount off Caracalla means a hormone that is that comes out of both of the adrenal as well as the nerves. The nervous system, the heart. Gets over burden and essentially because paralyzed the power of the heart can accuse the drop to like 10% from a normal of like 70 to 80% and, um In good conditions. This may reverse over weeks or maybe months, which is essentially the normal healing process. Of all these emotions. It is a different one. Difficult to say. You know what? Maybe my cholesterol would be 10% down or 5% down absolute. That's important. I'm not saying it is. It's a totally different thing to see a heart in front of your eyes. Beating only 10%. And then a month or two later that has reversed when the accused, dreadful situation is reversed. So have a lot of tangible. Examples like that even blood clot inside hearts. It was a very recent American Heart Association conference is just you know this in the November 2020 and one of the highlights was that women that have a very small heart attacks. It was unclear what it was before. And and if this meeting we heard that is related to a true heart attacks, not mine or not, like make believe you. No, no, They're not crazy that we're really very accurate. It just that because most of them are other young, They were kind of overcoming it. So yes, I will have the small heart attack ingesting had already overcome it. To a large degree by the time they come to our attention, and then we thought, Well, you know, maybe that was trash. Who knows how that means? Maybe they have nothing. Well, now we know Actually, they do have something and threw a particular stressful situation. They did have a man of heart attack and they're full of to protect them even further. You know, Dr Dingus just to kind of build a little bit on what you were sharing. You know, as we're approaching the holidays next week is Thanksgiving. We've got Christmas and Hanukkah for our Jewish brothers and sisters. Add to the fact that what our bodies physically emotionally spiritually have endured over 2020. We're seeing similar such a rise and people in obesity and people partaking of what we call comfort foods. We're not often able to go to gyms were unable to kind of move around, as we typically would have, You know? What are you seeing, though? In your practice, and what kind of words of encouragement would you give to our listeners? Who may be stress eating there. We've got Thanksgiving next week. You know, there's also just may be managing the stress that we typically are going through at this time of the year, but also with what we've been going through. You know what would be some areas that you were just kind of say to be cognizant of that whole going back to that phrase of Ganapathy soft tone of knowing ourselves? What would be some words of encouragement she would she would share with our listeners. Well, listen, 2020 is a very special year What So many so many upsets on so many levels and this whole thing with Corbett, India. Lockdowns and there were restrictions. It's just It's just a very hard thing, and this contributes to people changing themselves. Even with no preexisting condition with my nor preexisting condition, people may have Become heavier may have become more sedentary. That's pretty normal. If you sell some people you've got locked in your house and off course, will become like that. No, because they level of activity drops tremendously, but most importantly, they also become depressed. They have a certain number of depression, and I'm not talking classic major depression by the way, that's also increased. I'm talking about even minor depression, which which is his grace has become much more widespread on do you know, let alone on top of that? You had financial stress. You have stress you do the wider family. Either illness or most importantly, risk off illness that can drive people absolutely crazy, And it's all right. If there's no, not sick, they can become very, very, very upset about possibly becoming sick even over something worry. Activities. Their worries s O allow this. I think one has to come into a mode off really rationalizing. What is what is what is really important to them. Not what they hear, Don't know. Avoid making important what? What others people discussions or the media discussions or I don't know what else is important, but try to figure out their own path through this and also kind of prospective of this global. Not only them who feel distressed They have two members for the positive things. Perhaps you have to think, imagine or see other people who have more stresses and more hardships than they do. And they can feel comparatively somewhat more than courage to try to overcome. Maybe the five or six problems they have with a full understanding that they're not 15 16 or 20 that other people may have. And I think today's society with also a lot of utilization on an individual basis off social media or news or whatever, Uh People may may not exactly look around what's happened in the neighborhood and it of wider friends with circles and all that may be absorbed only to the statistics of whatever they read online or right there on the screen in front of them, whatever it is, and that, I think is a new thing. Differently new thing and I'm glad that Roxanne is a psychologist. Income talk a little bit about that. And she probably has seen a lot. This. This I think gives a sense off. If you don't overachieve. Maybe you're not good enough. Right absolutely out there, but that's not there. They have to kind of try to take one day at a time and try to understand what's really important to them like that anymore. So much about the month if you think you can cope in the end of the month, the additional 30 days if you do, well, 30 days You will do well for the months, although maybe you don't know it yet. Yeah, there's there's an incredible amount of stress and worry that comes through what we read in social media, and that certainly exacerbates normally what we're already feeling. And the importance of knowing yourself eyes is incredibly important when we consider what our physical health needs and depends on, so we're gonna take a quick break and on the other side of this break, we're going to hear more from Dr Dingus about the risk factors for.

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