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I'm off my game too no you're not as true people are going to have to start making content i think we're gonna be talking about this for a long time when you program for everyone you program for no i think it's that were purpose driven platform like we're trying to get to substance how is that do you happy with that yeah this is marketing therapy rate they've really is what's up on laura currency and i'm alexa christon welcome back to adlan dea we don't know what episode were on i think it's three 2018 three three of yet three into twenty eight t i'm so proud of alexa for coming into the studio today oh sick you guys she's like you don't have the paying you'll have like other starspangled banner the super bowl cla pink she had the flu els you're not spreading lots and jews out during the super bowl guess what i was doing sleeping okay sleep and you must three for three i'm sick three times in 2018 already well hopefully this is the anita limido nieto many people say that i'm contagious so take that as you will um but that said 2018 we are kicking it off so much change is happening in the industry that we will be opening of the iab annual leadership meeting out in palm desert california next week though as their the 13th of you have in our books your ticket bucket yeah come join us i think that it's going to be a lot of really good conversations and i think that i be this year is doing something different than they've ever done they're having a lot of kind of 'upandcoming brands i staged talking about what it means to be a twentyfirst century brand and they're going to be the ones talking while lot of i think legacy brands are going to be also talking but in the audience participating right so we're excited talk to brands i glossy a we're gonna see a way out there excited see our girl rachel tip of graph in action on or off the island knowledge with tmobile so a lot of exciting conversations a mashups of different types of brands on stage sort will be definitely an interesting dialogue and they'll have people.

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