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Kerry, CBS, Jim Taylor discussed on KCBS Radio Midday News


Most appointments are from there regulars but they're also seeing a spike in new customers looking to get any kind of care for their pet we've been about a week and a half to two weeks booked out pretty much since then and it's still pretty much staying that way in San Francisco Kerry had a sack KCBS demand is outstripping supply of carbon dioxide in one of the more unusual effects of the pandemic and this case CBS's Jim Taylor tells us it could lead to higher prices for beer and soda the less we drive the less gasoline is produced a by product of which is CO two the stuff that makes your beverage carbonated because there is less people on the road right now there's less people are driving their car that means that there's actually less CO two available the chillers Russian river brewing company less availability means higher costs in the case of carbon dioxide that's that's costing twenty five percent more which in the big picture brewing beer is not a big deal compared to the cost of labor and hops and malt but it is a cost increase will he be passing it on to his clientele we've opted at Russian river to just you know eat the that that additional cost instead of passing it on to the consumer you know I'll be honest I'm just grateful that we're bringing as much beer as we are other brewers and soda makers may not be so magnanimous Jim Taylor KCBS remember the lawsuit over the inotes used in the popular video game Fortnite well it's been kicked out of court a federal judge in Maryland has dismissed the suit by two former university of Maryland men's basketball players Jared Nickens and Jaylen Brantley claimed the makers of Fortnite misappropriated a dance move that they made popular the judge ruled that existing copyright laws that bar their claim.

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