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Right we got that one majuli if he steals a base it's a runaway jury john i'm just trying i'm just trying to leave just trying to leave nuggets you know what i like though i like the fact you're very very stylish i mean your quote unquote big star on the business and you really like all my nonsense great john there are a lot of critics who don't like it by the way i don't know who those people are they don't know who they are either and i don't really care you know everything is worked very well they don't they just don't appreciate good john sterling for home run calls they just don't appreciate it yeah well look what a great thirtieth season for you to be calling it's also looking forward to this so much and you know last year rich one thing happened i just mentioned it on the air during whatever we done four straight exhibition games the six home games the yankees played one against minnesota to against cleveland and three against houston obviously they're sold out i mean that's new york the crowd was just as good as it was in the old stadium you know they said well the new stadiums to bear you know the that was it was the six games worth thrilling the yankees won all six and they go to lot of runs so that's another reason to look forward to the you know in new york the expectations through the roof so is old line by buck showalter the fans don't come to see the yankees play they come to see them win and so.

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