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Millions and millions and millions of guaranteed dollars he is the big star and he runs it like it's his league and runs it like it's his team that we know that and i know that we were discussing this friday actually how this league is basically run by the stores more than any other now known football you've got the brady's and you have the painting manning's but it's different with a hater of if don't forget fed lee was so unpopular into a group of stars named michael larry urologic hit the the more marquee and david stern said you know what we got a market these guys we gotta make these guys the story and the one thing that i always feel about the nba a and they get it so much more than these other players in these are the least get it they create the drama amongst themselves and it's amazing when you follow them on twitter and nece social media and the instagram posts and everything else and back and forth and uh you know the analogy want to call the hatred or the uneasiness one westbrook is a durant it's awesome flavors of your life soap opera that part of it is awesome so if you are a hard core nba thin died in the wall will your team is a good basketball team and you are caught up in all of that it it it doesn't get much better than that and that's why they do get the call the tv contracts that they have now and that's the other part of it to is the exposure in the access i mean it seems like every night or day yesterday was the science was they have the saturday night feature were last week you had the rockets in the cavaliers yesterday he got the cavaliers in the celtics like they're giving you good games and you don't necessarily have to have the nba package if you want to watch the wherever on espn almost every night but the one that i do know just like the nhl all this stuff is fodder for the playoffs always finally get to the playoffs that's when.

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