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You are right now it's one of our show matos okay but with bananas if you have your bananas getting old just peel them and freeze them desert idea don't put them in the freezer just brown or whatever peel them because once they're frozen their hard to peel but i mean you'll pay a premium on frozen bananas if you buy frozen bananas in the freezer packs you know first will these just by the normal manners and then peel on but yeah that that idea and then you don't have to put ice in your smoothie yep because it's frozen suri giving it from being watered down buscher natural of tips it's not even tipsy time yeah here is nothing i'm going to talk to you about steve and i we want to pose this question as well when have you been criticized as apparent four what have you been criticized for like your own parenting style and someone comes out you yeah and how did you handle it if you want to weigh in six five one six four one one o seven one this is coming because they saw the story about julius styles the actress who in november welcomed her first child can so she just posted a photo of herself carrying baby straw moorer namus tremor newcombe cook his amos drummer yeah listen celebrities just do weird things with names and we just have the point y citing weeks after obama came it's drummer his i've won of we all want to blame her rain this very bizarre well find their criticising her for that just say that she was carrying her baby and a tool a baby carrier and people started telling her like the baby's he face vb facing out word or the bbs foot shouldn't be hanging this way and she said she didn't expect that she was like what was supposed to be a shout out of products that she likes suddenly became an invitation to comment on her baby and her ability as her mother as a mother rather and she also said to instagram irs she goes instead of rating snarky comments about a fiveweekold try dancing.

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