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Yeah he the people that put him in at hide them for the night he got hired for the night right. The the executives hired them for the night. The promotes executives. They're supposed to know what they're getting and what it's going to mean to the audience so you know they're idiots stay. They deserve some of the blame. Some of the fans out there. You should write something to To them and say hey quit giving us these kind of fights. You know really. We're not gonna stay. Which if you give us these kind of fights you know we're not i remember one time on. Espn they didn't like it too much. But on the opening. I came on the opening sailors. Got to apologize right now for the fights will put on all. You had to hear that truck. Just imagine oh my goodness my goodness what was what was that old saying that one of the old timers on the street used to say teddy. Your could heard of mouse peon cotton as a good saying. That was kind of But i was telling the truth and you know what my rationale was wasn't to chase fans. Obviously we don't have fan. I'm not going to have a job. I'm going to get wasn't those to tell the fence of expect them and tell the people that were in charge to respect the fans. I was sending a shot. The bow respect the fans respect the sport respected brand and stop doing this garbage. And for the reasons you're doing to make friends with promote us. That's why they were doing it to favor certain promoters and take care of them and so it was my way of trying to correct a problem and it was also my way of being honest as i always am with the fans to let the fence. No i'm gonna tell you the truth even if it hurts me. I'm going to tell you the truth. And i'm going to help you run away if you bought away okay. But i'm going to hope that in return for me tell you the truth. You're gonna stay with me and you're gonna say you know what we're going to stay with the guy because he tells us the truth and then when he tells us. It's a damn good fight. Which i often told them. We're going to believe him. We're going to believe him so we'll take the good with the bed because of that. That was my rationale. That was my way of thinking it wasn't kamikaze was in to crash the plane into the you know into the ground just just to die no always doing it to to live better to live the right way. That's what i was doing it for so that other people could get the benefits of the risk. I was taking a little bit of risk was taken in that again. It might invoke change. That's why i was doing it. And that's why. I hope to fans keep coming here really i love you is i hope you keep coming if it means something to you and you keep common and give us give us a. I'm happy with what you give us. Now i am blessed. Iq but give us a million follows. Give us a million subscribers. Not give us a million subscribers like some of these other guys half give us. We're building towards it. We're building towards it. We're at close to two hundred thousand. We'll bone we. We have thirty. I love to say this one. We have thirty three million downloads. We have thirty three million downloads. I i don't really know where to download is but we got thirty. Three million of them in sounds pretty good. Pretty good so yeah. Getting back can listen. I thought now this might drive a few people crazy but again i'm going to stay consistent with what i believe in say not about what people wanna hear. I thought as bad as it was as much of a snooze fest as was i also blame casimiro. See there's a lot of blame to put out. Then i'm putting it out there. I'm put it where i'm put it out there. Baby casimiro and his people you know we did a nice interview with powerful pound number one right now would cough it last week and and you guys have been enjoying it and you've been watching it and the numbers have been real good and you could continue watching it. Obviously it's still up. There was a really good interview. Was very inciteful with with terence bud coffee and one of the things that i complimented. Oman was that he was always him and his people. His team is trainers. They will always prepared for the opponent now. I know that sounds like automatic thing but it's not always automatic. I told him. I said i've seen many over the years corn. Espn fights too many times where i would see a fighter. Show up in a ring completely. Unprepared for the guy was about the like no idea that. Oh my god this is i style like like. He wasn't ready for it like he didn't node was common. It's it's it's completely irresponsible and is inexcusable inexcusable. You show up for your work no matter what that work is and you're not prepared are you kidding. Me mean it'd be like being a a lawyer and you show up in court and you're not prepared for the case that you're about to represent are you kidding me you know your your turn your turn to your client say oh gee you hit somebody magin. You hit somebody. We're all three people drinking and you drink. Oh my goodness oh my goodness and annual as you and you attack signature drive in and you were looking at the podcast kennedy teddy. Really go to jail you go to jail go to jail. I don't like those two guys. You're going into cash right now. Okay so i mean it's it can't happen. It's not supposed to happen. So i told taryn store not interviewed that really. I'm impressed every time you fight it difficult style. You you are ready for exactly what you should be ready to handle that style. You know to to solve that puzzle. That problem and casimiro showed up as though he had no idea what he was gonna face. He had no like his people didn't prepare them like he fought like he had no idea he was headhunted. He wasn't cutting ringed out like he had no idea. This guy fights. Like i couldn't believe it. I was like i followed him around the ring. He's truck and punches at his headway can hit him. he's not going to the body. I mean if a guy moved you cut the ring down right. To the chest you stabilize him. You control him a little bit and you go to the body. Put water in the basement. As i would say when i was calling to fight and you take his you take the air out of his wheels. You know guys gonna use wheels. You go to the body. You take the air out of the wheels i everything was being trump to the head missing all over the place fallen to the side going into the ropes. I couldn't believe it..

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