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One hundred percent less. Yeah bitch. I don't want that sound right now. He was pretty nicely. But i was acquired a little while ago. Airbus island said that we saw peaceful. It was so peaceful we can hear your dumb ass you know what. Take the sound off again. People is good to have you here. I am cova. Coleman ms me ms pixie it missed us. Green over here welcome. Everybody does how you doing sir. Doing good man. Protest people haven't been hit you life happening. You know nieces nephews deciding important graduate. Bang so i've gotta feed it to support the the chair in their children but the charon the people. I'm gonna tell you what happened with this so we would try a new system here. We would try not the new where we have this box as trying to improve the stream and we had carlos trying to work with this day. I appreciate carlos trying to help us out but apparently still comes. I'll look and funny and you have. Here's the here's the device right here. So this device is called the live you solo ads. You see this sir so this has to modems on the back of these two modems. They they say that the terminology here is that they bond. Ooh they work with each other but they don't work with me so i was gonna say so romantic. Three's a crowd the third wheel up in here. We don't need you man. So i was trying to use this because this is what we use to go out and we do streaming on location. We're going on eating and stuff like that. We bring people with homes is actually pretty cool but it ain't too cool and trying to use it for the stream. The reason why. I was trying to use it but this dream is because the stream has been dropping frames. Lali not as bad as it used to but it just hasn't been very smooth so this is something everybody told me if you get this not only in addition to using this for you in the wife's escapades out there but you can also use this to make your signal even stronger. That turned out to be a damn lie so wrong about it. Maybe you can do. Maybe we need to vanessa to something but we're not gonna have to stop the show. Today's those back back to the old way. But yet i digress. Y'all doing today. Good to see man Happy things working out. Yes i mean. Hey you know. What as i said the show always go on one way. Another topic.

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