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Let's close out with our like buttons. A quick hit on on something. We saw this week that we liked cameron. What i've been on the record on this podcast is a proponent for communication. It drives me nuts. How many people are really weirdly bad at it and it's my favorite football team. The atlanta falcons are in the news this past week for really upping the ante on their own internal communication. I think it's interesting. I think it's worth noting for for business owners but they've basically done is an all of their preseason practices. They have miked up all of their defensive players so that everyone can hear each other and more importantly everyone can hear. You're in the post game post practice film sessions exactly what everyone else is saying in certain moments on could possibly go wrong possibly go wrong. It's it's never going to be published or so. We'll see if someone hacks in the players. Were really really really reticent and i should also say that i have been on the record on this podcast as being very anti making in your employees up in this particular case. It's really helpful because in a sport like football their assumptions that have to communicate a lot like middle linebacker. Thanks safety. There are some positions nations that are silenced. They basically play their match ups on an island cornerbacks or defensive ends and what the falcons figured out especially last year after a lot of their leaders got injured injured and we're not on the fields to be communicative was that the people who aren't usually communicative still have really important valuable insights to offer they can still help help their teammates and their teammates can still help them even if it comes down to just their one on one match ups and apparently although this season hasn't started yet coaches say that they have already noticed tangible improvements improvements in the the level of play just by virtue of everyone talking more because they're thinking. Is it kosher for one team to do this. It seems like it gives them an unfair advantage. I mean whatever you you want him practice. Oh it's not gonna happen to the real game. No no no just for practice. Oh i see okay well i did. You didn't communicate that. Oh i'm so sorry i'm a poor communicator and i'll make amends. <hes> emily early says starting this week. You guys have noticed a lot of tweets about chicken sandwiches. Yes so turns out that popeye's started making a new chicken in sandwich that i guess seems a lot like chick fillet chicken sandwich and so these fast food restaurants got into a bit of a chicken sandwich twitter war and then basically other companies started weighing in and now all i see your people eating these chicken sandwiches from different companies trying to determine which one's the best so you know we saw thought tweets from chick-fil-a pop is other chains wendy's got into it bojangles places yeah. It was just insane and it. It just seems like it's upping the business for all these chicken sandwich companies and chicken sandwich. Mania is happening all over the country right now. This whole episode is making me hungry. Yeah i was gonna say bill. Murphy wrote about about this for inc dot com and one of his questions was does this stuff actually sell chicken sandwiches and i have to say after about five minutes really i really wanted. Apparently there are lines down the block at popeye's god that multiple have sold out people have been coming back multiple times just to be told. We still don't have any in stock yeah. I think <hes> murphy wrote that the popeye's has like one hundred thousand thousand followers on twitter and one of these tweets got re tweeted four hundred thousand times. I mean it's really it's incredible. <hes> hats off to them. I suppose <hes> tom. I want to return to something we've been talking about the inc five hundred of course and also food companies the company that was number two on our two thousand fourteen inc five hundred list <hes> company called inquest nutrition and they were purchased yesterday for one billion dollars by another food company called simply good foods simply good foods is a publicly traded company that makes packaged goods under the atkins brand quest. The company that was purchased was early to the protein energy bars tower bar kind of ships based in el window california. They were launched in two thousand ten three friends who were sort of disaffected software engineers looking for something else to do. They were all really into fitness culture one of them <hes> his wife was making these energy bars at home in her kitchen because they were just really into it and everybody loved them and they turned it into a business and now they sold it for a billion dollars left. My wallet in el segundo my like button. This week involves the year nineteen sixty-nine i for one one and a little overdosed on fifty year anniversary observations about the moon landing and about woodstock and chappaquiddick is coming up i think and in the town of dairy new hampshire. They thought that this would be a good time to open the time capsule left in nineteen sixty nine in the public library was actually a safe that sat sat in the corner for fifty years with the combination written on the back and it's a really kind of old fashioned safe and they went and what's going to be in the time capsule from nineteen sixty nine like like moon landing stuff a space stick hit of ahsley acid. What's in there and they opened it. Nothing it was completely and now they don't. I don't know if somebody broke into the safe and stole it was there or if the whole thing was goofing. There was never anything there to begin with which lies is nine hundred sixty nine and in a nutshell along a fantastic bit of theater. That's all for this week. I want.

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