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A fifty percent chance of a shower afternoon eighty percent of the evening high sixty four low 42 tuesday mostly sunny high fifty four low thirty two wednesday a mix of clouds and sun high fifty three low thirty forty eight degrees on peachtree street at one thirty six i'm mark alewine news 955 and am 750 wsb depend on it oh okay my pleasure to welcome you to the clark howard show where you learn ways to keep more of what you may clark dot coms our main website you can follow me facebookcom clark howard what a major change is happening and so many longtime listeners to my show years ago adopted a practice when you got a credit card in the mail a putting on it typically where the permanent markers see id and the next two in that space signing your name because you didn't want a criminal who somehow came upon your card may be left it somewhere they stole it not having your driver's license being able to use that card but in reality that became ineffective starting really about a decade ago when it more and more retailers and restaurants you don't hand your card over anymore you put it in a card reader at your side of a register the cashier or the person at the restaurant whatever they never actually see your card any more they never see the back of it anymore so starting this spring you will no longer have to sign a credit card slip the idea will no longer be of any value to you because nobody has ever going to see the card and the retailers the restaurant tours the banks the credit card companies have decided that the signature didn't matter anyway you may have heard i started several years ago signing my name when i had the simon name is that of a variety of former presidents i don't know the name of all presidents lawn from elementary school so i try to sign different names all the time lately i've been signing ulysses grant would have been signing credit cards nobody ever notices nobody ever says anything so as much as we tried to be a line of defence in preventing credit card fraud it didn't happen any more didn't work anymore and so don't be shocked when you run your card and your cards approved your receipts handed.

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