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Now you've had you have pollsters on your show quite often I mean what are they saying that this show will air jim probably right before the early voting but what earlier you had pollsters on and you have Mark Ballard on. What are they saying about our upcoming election. I think most people believe that John Bel Edwards boards is situated about as well as he could be but it being red state makes him vulnerable presumably if he were to make a run off and and right now the latest polls show him had fifty two percent if the election were held today and in his opponents are not that well known now as people get to know uh-huh them better they may likes it more and be more inclined to vote for them or they may not like them and Ralph Abraham and Eddie responded. You're both going for what I would view. View is the hard right side of the political spectrum. They're not moving to the middle and that has some danger for them. Because the electorate is largely in the middle and some things are saying in order to secure that base might not sit well with somebody who's not in that base and Ralph Abraham has a spot. Here's a man who's a doctor of veterinarian pilot Congressman Man of substance and he spot says I assure ear that there are only two genders well. I didn't need a congressman to say that and he's qualified qualified is qualified that in and of course Eddie responds multimillionaire businessman Eddy responding his mantras that I've gotta trump bumper sticker here on my truck and tracking Nada Mercedes swallow well and so he believes that enough people will be happy. PT Here that that they will vote for him in lieu of Ralph Abraham John Bel Edwards or not vote at all but I think there is a question of how many people are jumping out of the seats. It's in their living room and they see that spot saying he's my guy at a trump bumper sticker on his truck. It's time to make a choice in row are ready respond. He's my guy but you know I'm sitting here laughing at us all three mount or amount of substance. I mean you know what I'm saying. It's John Bel Edwards is the experienced politician the other the Republican candidates are fine man but what does it say about us. When this is the kind of message that were being given. I guess you can't capture the substance in a thirty second or even a minute consultants they they go for the low hanging fruit the lowest common denominator and and and Edwards there's a West Point guy and really smart fellow but he won the election in two thousand fifteen largely on the fact that David vetter had consorted with prostitutes patriots or prostitutes reasons. We take a far more than one point four percent of the news. Yes maybe so but you know Donald Trump. He's got enough allegations and he makes David veteran look like a choirboy stick. The people stay with him no matter what and of course he he paid several hundred thousand dollars in hush money to a pornographic film star and and she was born in Baton Rouge. He's he storm annuals on on Saint Patrick's Day of nineteen seventy now yeah no. I I happen then. I don't want to be a name dropper because I don't know this gentleman but I happened to be in the same restaurant with him. In September of last year it was Warren Beatty in Calif- Los Angeles and I introduced myself and where you're from. I'm from Baton Rouge. He goes stormy Daniels. She put our city on the map. Maybe they should name a street in Harare. What do you think the most famous baton rouge stormy Daniels Talent that'd be. I it's GonNa be on the main drive I have. I have some friends who say that you know there's usually street in a big city named after Martin Luther King but very very rarely as you know lush upscale part a town. It's it's usually pretty rough but crime ridden place yes and that's unfortunate because he was a great man. I was ten years old when he died but he and I share the same birthday January fifteenth along with Ernest Gaines that's and drew brees and and Martin Luther King. I'll take credit for them but Martin Luther King according to Mike Wallace Alice was the greatest American of the twentieth century and I think a case can be made right right well. Let's shift from maybe politics and I'd like to I hear some of your experiences on the radio. You cover everything you have authors on. You have well known people that are coming through you. you just have a really good variety of guests. Are there some things that you remember back over your career that either you remember with pride or maybe we're a memorable that you'd like to share well. I talked about civility and public. Radio is a place where generally people have civil conversations. The biggest Talk Star in public radio is Teri Gross. He's had people walk out on her bill. O'reilly Bill O'Reilly did gene in Simmons and she got into it and and occasionally I get into it with a guest this fellow Sebastian Gorka walked out on me not long ago in in an interview and years ago and coulter did she took her ball and went home. She was not happy with the way the interview was going and in those that's live live and and it's not something I strive to do but but you know that's what people talk about the they love it when there's friction as long August people aren't pummeling each other in the studio we haven't had that but other times. We've had some very good conversations in which I've learned a lot and it's always good to learn earns something different about a person that maybe it didn't I interview Jerry Brown the Governor of California four times sixteen years as governor they are the youngest and oldest governor in the history of California. This was when he was mayor of Oakland and his aide who had been with them. A long time. I remember her name was terry she said and so. Do you know he'll he'll ground rules. He'll answer any question you ask him but she said you know. You really think you're a lightweight. If the first questions about Linda into Ronstadt who dated so with the show I was doing then was called. Louisiana live and it's good afternoon. Welcome to Louisiana alive and our special guest is former California Governor Jerry Brown the Mayor of Oakland Governor good afternoon he goes Jim. It's always great to talk to someone from Louisiana. CNN and I said and why is that he goes reminds me of Linda ronstadt cigarette connection. I love that Song Blue by you. It was in the studio and she recorded it but he he's a fascinating guy. He was a freshman in college at the University of Santa Clara and his roommate was Max Baer Junior. JETHRO death row jethro apparently Jerry Brown has it's a pivoting decides sides. He wants to be a Catholic priest so he goes into a Jesuit seminary and he's not allowed to read newspapers or listen to the radio or watch television and his father. Pat Brown in nineteen fifty eight is elected governor of California and he doesn't even know he doesn't even know that his dad on the governors election so he said this got a little too weird for me and then he left the seminary and I asked him where he went he said I went to Berkeley so he went from one extreme to the other in the hippy and he was elected governor of California one thousand nine hundred seventy four thirty six and I've often wondered why we have We have an age limit on the front side. You gotTA BE THIRTY FIVE TO BE President but nothing on the backside we might elected ninety four year old. Edwin Edwards is ninety two. Maybe a run for the presidency is in the offing for former governor and of all the people I've interviewed Jan.. He's probably the one who is the quickest quickest with a quip. He is still at the age of ninety two he can he can. He's got that wit. He could have been a stand up comic and yeah no matter what you ask him. He's he's on the ready numbers people. I mean he's got a great calm but I interviewed him right after he got out of prison and any pretty much said he was an atheist and and I said you didn't pray those eight and a half years. He goes now Hey I said well. Where are you going when you die he goes. I'm right in the ground. That's where I'm going going anywhere else and I said I said you never prayed and he goes yeah. Yeah prayed. He says I prayed this morning morning that this would be a very good interview. Obviously my prayers are not answered but it's not like on the interview though besides joking he's underneath that underneath that facade he's he's a genuine person and he of course was a controversial political figure but a towering one long was only on the national and state seen for seven years and then he was killed at forty two. Edwin Edwards for sixteen to twenty four years was governor of Louisiana and what he did has remnants to contemporary politics and of course he ran for Congress in twenty fourteen against jared graves when Edwards was eighty seven and it was a foolish thing to do because that district has been gerrymandered its represents baton atten rouge but for some reason Cedric Richmond the congressman in New Orleans he's also the congressman for North Baton Rouge where Southern University and in most of the black folks folks are and and it's all designed to protect whoever the sixth district Republican has and that scared graves because if those voters were in his district he would be out of a job job unless he switched parties so that's that's a classic case of Gerrymandering and Edwin Edwards got right in the middle of that but even with all of his problems. He got thirty eight percent of he the he didn't win. Run A close race but Garrett raves has the distinction of having knocked off the king and he's a guy to watch. He's he's. He's a very articulate guy. Handsome fellow likable does not have a college degree but hey most people in Louisiana adults he did go to the University of Alabama to that might end up being a problem in Tuscaloosa Alabama would they elected elected Congressmen who had dropped out of Lsu. I think not but in Baton Rouge we've elected Congressmen and dropped out of the University of Alabama but Dr that I'm being somewhat facetious. It's true what I'm saying but I think Garrett grades may very well be the next governor. There are rumblings. There are rumblings. That's Edwards wins reelection. There are rumblings though that drew brees is looking at running for that is rather exciting. I mean everybody probably one hundred percent of the people know who durfee base Andrew Breeze would win and drew brees my very well ended up being president of the United States. We have this culture of of rewarding people people who are well known and personalities and celebrities and and he can throw a football. We know that he's thrown for more yards than anybody else and he might he might very very well. go the distance if he enters the political realm in four years from now. You'll be forty four the timing's just about perfect. I'd heard that he's invested over here. In laugh in the area young's Phil. He's that would be interesting. We'll have to watch that. I guess it depends though on Republican takes that I interviewed view the The trial lawyer Gordon Macrae few weeks ago and he's you know the G. Guarantees Begin to g and Eric had that I had the they got the G. and I said what what you know if you ever thought about running for Governor Governor Gordon and he said Yeah Yeah so he may be Gordon Gordon mckern and we'll be he spends ten million invest ten million a year and advertise thinking it might be cheaper to run for governor and if you lose still yeah you still win so our next election might be a runoff between drew brees and Gordon so Jim. I'm curious about some other things that you do. I WanNa talk about Tiger Rag. I mean I love Tiger Rag for years you you through the Louisiana Radio Network. You you purchased Tigon Louisiana Radio Network owned Tiger Rag when when I acquired it and so that came with the acquisition but I had written a Tiger Tiger rag column and still do but since nineteen eighty five so I already was affiliated with the magazine Kazini and Steve Myers was the founder in nineteen seventy eight he founded tiger rag and it brands itself as the Bible of Lsu sports that was Steve's idea and we were the answer to it. jeopardy question a few years ago really being the bottom of what she's sporting orbiting. Yes that yeah yeah so but tiger rag is a publication. That's now a glossy twelve times. A year. We do have tabloids go to subscribers but the glossies that are largely distributed in Baton Rouge really are nice looking magazines casinos and and I think there's a place for LSU sports in Baton Rouge..

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