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Axel is about to find this man right here that we've been talking about Cassese gonna score easy going to score. Yes. He does and Dormont take the lead. Once Arca comes off the bench. Somehow he finds himself on the scoresheet. But this from what we've been missing all game long those forward passes that pressing of buying Munich higher depart wanting to get in behind it every opportunity fire started to do it. They got their rewards. Well, that was an all we heard from Myron before ski appears to score here. Well, he's called off side. He says no though, shackled. He says, no. But once you have a look at the replay refugee system gets this right Levin dossey just off site. Good furnish. But the linesman's right? So that does not read well for buying Munich fans and their struggles continue as Borussia Dortmund take this one just having a look at some of the. Statistics there shackled. But how great was this game? It really was and the O'Kelly shade was a game of two halves especially from a brochure. Dortmund perspective. Byron started really well. The likes of Frank rebury involved from the start giving Lucas paycheck and amp salute roasting in the first half all of this game that you sure by Munich pressing higher playing at a higher temple numbers, your document, which is not something to be able to see an awful lot for quite some time Dortmund struggle to really find their rhythm. And then when they did, and we'll get on the other side of Munich amazingly. Royce was very wistful firm. Also, the need expect from him. And then all of a sudden the second half starts, they get that Parenti as a said in the highlight. I thought was you correct call toward the penalty. And then you show their best rather than looking for these the sideways. Pas I and trying to go by. In that. We they started to get those flicks as you show with the winning goal moving the ball forward pushing by me and the pressure and then an aging by mimics gorgeous couldn't keep up with buying with. Berkshire Dortmund as we said about Bush adornment pretty much from the opening of this season the youth the temple they play with it's hard to live with for ninety minutes. Even if you're buying Munich for banks live with them for ninety minutes. So what about the entire season? Now as you just said an aging squad now by Munich are seven points behind doorman who top the Bundesliga at this moment. So how worried should their fans be now very at this point? Now, a lot can change seven points is a rescue believed for by mimic, especially the place that they will to call on the resources that they may may turn to come January. Who their coach me be in in December or January time already on Kovac? Well, I think we'd have to see I think is something that's the the board will be looking at unthinking about seriously, especially when it comes to the Champions League as I said seven points is retrievable. But if Bonn continued to fall time continue to show these deficiencies, and you see that MS spillover in. The Champions League. Yes. I think this by mini boards. Sydney can't pull the plug on Cova fee that need on the other side of the coin as much as we talk about buying experience. And they knew and can retrieve a seven point deficit the question for for Brescia dogmatise dischord had the experience to to lead from the front. It's easier to cheese, and it is to lead similarly, given the high temple style. Can they continue in this Wien through an entire season through the competitions in domestic competitions and through the Champions League right now. It's a good problem to have right now. If I'm backing somebody to win this league. I'm backing all right. Well, let's have a look at some of the player ratings for Borussia Dortmund shack. There you have it who stood out for you for me. It's got to be marker, Royce and given a nine hair. But his first performance was a six, but only expect no no what we expected of a tall. But at the same time and as much as we speak about the youth of Borussia Dortmund, and as tempted as we are to think of Markle Roy's as part of that youth. He's one of the more senior and experienced players know and a very disappointing. I fortified by his standards, yet still goes into the break comes out and takes his game over almost..

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