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Another team's not surely, what they absolutely zero looks at and I also spoke Finnish Daniel to justify Emden. The you movies. Mma, writer claim Trump's won the stage into Milan a few years ago, which nobody remembers because it was David Tom Damola, moved from fourth to first to win the and was second on the day and the night. She won the stage and he's been on important teammate for Primoz rug le'ts here. And here's what he had to say the Finnish bite raw glitch Anna by his prospects for tomorrow. Spoke to you about week or so go up by Primoz. He's still obviously. And I am a position in the race. We saw today for your squint Tamara state. It's hard to say we on this. I haven't had to look in the book yet, I, I look, I always look David day. So otherwise on this day you think about the next day. Very hard. Yeah. I know it's going to be hard and I think it was still good. He's freshman his head to show today. So I think it's there's still a lot of the. Yeah. Possible. He and you and the are concerned the racist still is still nothing is decided yet I guess. No nothing is your side. No, no nothing. Nearly is also feeling strong. Yeah. So that's the demaro impressed by Primoz has the ups started. The great form has he been quite consistent right in terms of his mood around the team and is, is sort of attitude towards well, in the grandeur always option down sales. So physically mentally and. Last weekend were not the best. You're not in the best shape. Still, you did a great job. So let's hope tomorrow he's percent. Again. And then this Sunday, you'll be you'll be fencing time trial as well. Are you? No, not so much. Now it's my legs pretty urging. And the it's not that I'm that soon to be perfect. But no repeat of Milan I. I. I wish I wish show but to be honest. I think it's, it's, it's too hard for two five. I want to have fifty. I want to go fifty occasion. Our average won't be possible there. So van ending. They're seeing that he only is one their time for him. He hasn't looked more stage to really study it properly. And but why I mean what can we expect you mentioned the bully not gonna leave all to the final climb. So we expect something to happen a barrel, and that they will reach, I think Cam halfway up the puzzle Mayan, which is a second climb of the day and Miquel lenders going to get off his back, and he's going to run into the woods and he's going to disappear. And members of the movie star team, we're going to run off to him and try to charge took him around, but it's going to abandon the Jiro, then the precedent for this being Roger dilemma in the nineteen seventy six zero who on the Postle Mayan he was riding with Johan Des Moines in the Brooklyn. According to one of the teammates, Ed collect Guazzini, respect Herbie Sykes later. Well, this is what he said Roger through his bike into the was like a maniac them runoff straight into the forest. I thought now am I supposed to do? But I decided I should run off them to try to get him to come back. He was a good runner Roger, and I couldn't catch, I was scrambling around in the trees cooling off, Tim, like India, but he just vanished. True Naipaul remember him? Yeah. He tried to establish this was trae when he lunged, Roger Durant. Was it last year the year last year and the? The. Incomprehensible indecipherable that winning the. A ton of the book. Yes. Belgium's lost grandpa or winner. Isn't he? He won the JIRA, what year in nineteen seventy seven or eight, I think it was nineteen seventy eight Daniel, but kinda actually check that. The more pretty sure the reason for doing it was, it was an anniversary. So Lila went off in search of the pink Panthers. He was no one and Roger von entertaining episode that for friends of the cycling podcast, but she can you can still.

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