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This is your tech. News briefing for Tuesday may twelfth. I'm Terry Yokum for the Wall Street Journal you on. Musk is making headlines again. And not just for naming his baby ex ash a twelve or whatever it is that his babies named California began reopening for business last week but Alameda County which is home to Tesla's only. Us factory decided to stay on lockdown for a little while longer. Now Tesla is suing. And Musk says they're going to go back to work anyway. Our reporter Tim Higgins will explain what's going on after these headlines. Twitter says it will Leibel Post that contain false information about the corona virus. Twitter joined several social media companies in this endeavour which have so far had mixed results last week conspiracy video racked up millions of views before the platforms. Were able to pull it down. Twitter's announcement comes after. A new survey found that seventy eight percent of Americans believed that misinformation about the virus is a major problem. As of today you can watch a news. Special episode of the unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt on net flicks and the special is interactive viewers will be able to press a button on their remote and control which gown kimmy wears to her wedding or what song. Her roommate's things are our reporter. John Jorgenson says this is just the latest way that streaming services are trying to disrupt the TV watching experience. They can do lots of things that we never really expected our TV to do things like you know. Show us all the episodes of a whole season one time which seems crazy when when? I introduced it. Interactive TV is kind of pushing it forward and I think a lot of people are wondering whether we're GonNa see a lot more of these or whether it's going to be sort of a novelty item and when the Badger snatched the the Black Mirror interactive so that came out a couple years ago showed up sort of set off a big discussion about interactive TV. Whether this was going to be the future and I think once people experimented and watched banner stage. They may be realized that. Oh this is something I wanna do. Every day this is kind of a one off novelty item. Maybe for some people. But what we're seeing with Netflix. Especially is that. They have the resources to plug into productions like this because they are expensive. You're creating several episodes within an episode. Their primary goal is just to keep people locked into the service of the they have viewers going back and rea watching parts of a show multiple times. That's that's engagement. On on a higher level and that sort of the coin of the realm for them and vast numbers of people stuck at home have been good news for those streaming platforms Netflix. Hulu and others have seen a surge in membership in the last few months but for cable companies. Not so much. We report that the largest cable and satellite TV companies lost more than two million customers in the first three months of twenty twenty. It's the sharp decline on record.

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