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So the females can join I tested this out. I send it to a few. Ladies Di understand this. This stuff makes sense. Could you pick this and everyone respond? Yes. This is easy enough. So we know forty five percent of the viewers the Super Bowl are female. So we made a friendly for them as well. To trust me. I've seen the way that some guys pick games, they might need the entertainment questions more than anybody. So. When we look at those contests sheets, of course, you can find those not only on pains Twitter feed and my feet as well. But you can go to the website they're easy to print. Their everything is set up. Just the way you'd like take full advantage of it. It's a fun way to try and enjoy the Super Bowl with your friends family on maybe people that you want to try and beat out a few books. The nice part about pain is one of our Twitter followers suggested it also doubles as a drinking game. So if you don't feel comfortable with gambling. I mean just turned the point system into shots or beers. And you could be blacked out in the middle of the third quarter. Not really my thing. But I I'm sure there are some that go that route for sure I'm more of the money kinda guy. Understandably, so speaking of money, I believe you have another I tunes winter right there and some contests specs to try and get people involved for the big game on Sunday. Yeah. We do. We we told everyone get those five star reviews in we would announce another winner for the Super Bowl the I tunes. Contest. Winner is leeann L O two L E A L O two is the. I tunes contest winner. And I mentioned we'd have something new something innovative on social media around for a contest. So we can announce that now I think it's something fun for the big game. And we'll do the social media Super Bowl contest three hundred bucks up for grabs. It's pretty simple. You can have up to three entries. So if you're already on Twitter, you're ahead of that game. You don't have a Twitter account you should sign up for one because you're gonna want to enter all you have to do. And it's pretty simple is re tweet the Super Bowl pod cashing go to my Twitter feed at Paine insider, you'll see the Super Bowl tweet pinned at the top of my page re tweet it that's one entry go to Todd's Twitter page at Todd Furman hill. Have the Super Bowl podcast up pinned to the top of his page at some point re tweet that that your second entry. And I think sometime Friday will re tweet out the Super Bowl podcast again from at the board pods Twitter feed. If you re tweet that that will give you your max three entries, the cutoff point. For the re tweets will be the second. The ball is kicked off for the Super Bowl. So Monday, everybody who retweeted the podcast from all three accounts will throw those names into a simulator kind of thing will hit the button will roll some dice at the button. How many times that comes up the top three people on that will all win a hundred dollar visa gift card, and the board swag pack. But the interesting thing here's Todd like I've seen these randomize work in funny ways. Have you have three injuries? You.

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