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You know. so that's kind of where that comes from all the titles. But i think has a little stick around that of what the story is going to be. Then i do research and find out things that will complement their storyline. Yeah i usually ask. Authors what fighters inspired them and in your case. I know there's some obvious suspects like tony. Hillerman greg johnson. Let me tony tony for sure. One of the books. I've picked up after robert parker spencer series was some tony's books you know i sorta reason though so robert b parker. Tony hillerman john d. Mcdonald you know craig lately guy. I met craig along time ago and we message back and forth in email. Sometimes you know get things together but it's it's one of those things where reading them. I told him about her dad. I says you know. Your father taught me about the landscape and john d. Mcdonald taught me about you. Know setting up things you know that writing in general parker told me about dialogue mic. Explain taught me about you know action and in a novel you know and hemingway. I think told me hard. I read a lot of things of all those offers. So i have i. I showed an toy. Have come the complete works of her dead in hardcover. First edition I had those have all craig's assigned you know My have already be parker's you know as i i have read them. I haven't gotten back to him. Now that i'm a writer. I read them whenever agenda. I get a short time to do. So but yeah. They all affected me. I feel like. I learned from the masters by reading and absorbing what they were doing. A robert robert parker had his whole thing was was raymond chandler. Maybe he is circle. That and that's how spencer came about. This dissertation in college was about as i and they grow. You can see these writers tony and robert. When they're first novels came out as they grew throughout the series as a writer. You could tell and things are still volved and got much better and that's going to happen to meet everybody else to writes it. The more you do it. The more devolves gets better. That's great at least right into my next question. Actually i was gonna ask you what advice you would give to aspiring novelists. Oh boy I think number one is never give up on yourself. Never let somebody else tell you. You can't do that because you're a dream isn't there drain and they have no way reason or know how that affects you so always always go. The best always doing reach that goal rain. Because you know it's it could be out there you never know but you don't know unless you try you know Study as much as you can research as you are. I know as much as you can about things because none of us know everything and the more we research i learned about things. I never thought it would alert about in my life. You know before doing this. And it's just an incredible mind. A lot of knowledge let you evolve as or more. You can do that the more you find out about that and just never give up never ever give. It's so true and we learn so much from each other writers do and he's like you said rapper conquer started with raymond chandler. The essentially recreating him. You know we all copy from each other to extend. It's harness the whole ecosystem. If you will like milton berle say he stole from everybody. You know what. I mean you you you read your pickup..

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