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In talent, Oregon, you're on the air with congressman. Thanks for watching us on free speech. Tv speaker. Yes, I I don't know if congressman poke in thank you, Tom incompetent tro for being here. If you any of your constituencies are indigenous people, I don't know if you're aware probably are of Justice Kavanagh's hostility towards tribal lodge, a native peoples. Are you am I on the air? Yes. The whole thinks he's better. Yeah. This is the native native Alaskans. Have now presented a petitional. Lisa Murkowski, signed, no. The the National Congress of American Indians has asked for him not to be confirmed. There is a large group of indigenous women for multitude of reasons. Beautiful open letter in the high plains reader at leap, it is about this in about many other subjects and I just want to stay on. So he's also shown into his quotes at extreme prosperity to affirmative action. And if anything has shown us that affirmative action should not be going away. It's the president. Conditioning on his country with the racist hostility that I'm hearing from the extreme right? And those people in power, and I'd just like to read to quote, this would. A part of it was in a article he had written in the Wall Street Journal lobby a case rice versus Cayatano which was about Hawaiian indigenous peoples right in which I believe she did win. And he also I remember she clerked for Kennedy Kennedy was also very hostile to indigenous Schiller. We're running out of time. If we want to get a response from congressman POE can we need to let him speak. Okay. Congress know there are a lot of different reasons. She let you brought up a couple I would argue that throwing labor issues we're working people in a whole bunch of other things that that should be enough to merit a vote against him. But you know, with this Senate, that's not I think the two things that are most interesting right now are one are let's have a hearing on Thursday. And now additional women making these accusations. Are they going to do the right thing and have FBI investigation the voted different time than Friday? And then Secondly, I still think there's you know, it seems we've lost the conversation about any perjure himself four times during his testimony. And what does that mean? I mean, you know, you can't have a supreme court Justice who also happens to be a liar. So I think that you know, that is an issue that's kind of gone by the side. But should still be looked at that. Also, an addition to what you said the merits of what his positions are an issues. Let's add those two in and not do this Dianne Feinstein this morning just released a uh. I don't know if was foia or how she got it. But a memo the cavenaugh had written back when he was working in the Bush administration that completely contradicts sworn testimony. He gave to the Senate Judiciary committee back in two thousand four I think it was when he was being considered for the DC clerkship. So she's found another live has I think we're up to five now where he's lied under oath to congress and do with all this stuff this week. This is a pretty.

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