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Switch by October 7th limitations apply. Visit Geico dot com for details. New Jersey one on 1.5 news time. 807 Now New Jersey one on 1.5 minster weather Gonna be on the warm side as we go through the rest of the week. I think we're fairly dry most of the time until the end of the week. Then Marine chances began to go up. We'll see a few clouds around tonight lows, dropping down to the middle and upper sixties. Sunshine and seasonably warm as we go through Tuesday, a high back in the mid eighties Wednesday early clouds a light onshore breeze. Pleasant day, coming up highs in the low eighties. Mainly Flaherty Thursday a chance of rain towards nighttime with highs up around 80 meteorologist Sparks Ido Beach Haven, 84 Lambertville 81 Summit 84 Download our mobile app for breaking traffic, weather and news alerts sent to your smartphone. It's free from New Jersey, one on 1.5 New Jersey one A 1.5 Our own radio station, New York, not Philadelphia. Proud to be New Jersey Jersey chime time is they Don't nine. I'm Steve Trevor. Yeah, yeah, fresh from the blocking on fresh Ramo's in Mama's Park, Southside Johnny with weekend concert. Did anybody go to that I would have loved to have had like the tow truck concession. Where everybody is sitting in a parked cars nine feet apart with the windows down, listening to Southside play. Uh, I'm just wondering like I know a lot of my friends went on DH. I'm sure was a great show, not knocking at all. I'm just wondering what it's like.

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