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In what he's done this year most catches most yards fifty one per six hundred twenty nine and five tvs that coupled with the fact that this new york giants defense has given up a touchdown to the tide in ten straight games at an nfl alltime record so i believe they've got to get him involved early often them in special teams wise they have a chance to create built position off its of leave defensively as they are one of the top units in the league in kansas city and one of the bottom units with giants the giants change the denver broncos sees it the reason i say that it's the one when the giants have had but it was a stunning upset in denver they ran the ball thirty two times orleans dark wa at one hundred seventeen yards rushing we know about the chiefs trying to slow down or stop the run the of allowed more ten runs than any team in the league that's not a stat usually equates with a 6 and three team what about taking on the giants will probably go with a lot of big packages and run the ball yeah i think that is definitely an issue for the kansas city chiefs in they've got to reap dedicate themselves to stopping the run because if you're going to go deep in the playoffs like they expect to go then you've got to make sure that you can stop the run purse and then you concentrate on the passing game you mentioned orleans dark were watching him last week in that loss against szimkus san francisco it wasn't on him this guy runs downhill very very well he runs the stretch play very very well he can catch the ball out of the backfield he is a weapon for sure of course the tide in a talked about with evan ingraham but he is the running side of that so the big for kansas city upfront alan bailey of already mentioned him on the injury poured out with a knee injury and that the chiefs released roy miller at the beginning of the week so cam thomas enters the picture the bags and then any always tells me on pregame hey i count the.

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