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Only pick random three hole rounds. You slowly unlock the ability, play nine holes in eighteen holes in different courses in different clubs and everything. It's playing a little bit. I know actually played at the preview. Vent, I'm enjoying it. The more I play it like the market into it. I'm like, it's you can't think of it as a golf simulator, like it is more fun, and more rewarding if you're just like quick hits, and like I was I'm so relieved to hear that this was your takeaway, too, because I previewed it awhile ago awhile back, and I was just like this is not I was sort of expecting it to be like, a one to one swing the golf club and it's reacts to that, but it's much slower than that. So it's kind of like maybe pretend you're swinging golf club yet go go up about like a fourth of a swing and then it's more just about the power that you hit it with. Because for me the thing is, like someone who's played golf before I find if I try to wind, the move controller behind my back. And then come down with it, because it's so light, my hands will move and so suddenly accidentally, just like sliced the ball out of bounds or like things, go awry, whereas where you're just moving a little bit. You're much better about it, Lucy figured out. If you just don't think about it, you're better at the game. We try like, we've, we've, oh, I've Jonathan's played golf. I have seen people play I shall try to imitate that the best I can. And then it's just like doesn't even know what I'm doing, but yeah, it's fun. It's fun to just jump into VR golfer a little bit. It's, it's a very like easy. Just play a few rounds skip the lot of voiceover from your caddy, and let's pauses. Yeah. She's like what do you want to do? Next. It's she's bizarrely Pau. Yeah. I mean my assumption is like they animated it for the Japanese dialogue, and then just had to fill the gaps for other languages. So, unfortunately, can have some pauses. But other than that, and you can skip the bulk of that, thankfully, but other than that I'm having with probably playing some more. I wanna give shout out to you Jonathan yes. Seeking that title really, really literally and setting up a kiosk at your desk and saying that everybody in the office can play. Everybody's got the chance to. Yeah. I'll keep VR set there for everyone who wants to play national socialist Gulf. That was the original working title for the French that and just briefly before we move on max. You. Are you played a little bit of dreams for a video series? Oh, yeah. We, we did a couple of little, let's plays Brian tone, either up on YouTube, and GM dot com. If you can find them on their it's difficult sometimes. But we did we found the worst things we could find on there, and I mean, no disrespect to the people. Getting them. I mean, we were typing like bathroom words in there, we are trying to find like, we found one that I really like which is, let's say, you know, like fart piss. Head that Tim really. Yeah. Yeah. You know, we type naughty words into the into the search function and most of the things on there, because first of all, it's, it's still very early access type stuff. But also, you know, it's a it's a squeaky clean family friendly place. Mostly so we found we did find, like bathroom simulator twenty nineteen, which is really weird. We also try to find knockoffs of existing p so like bootleg. Mario somebody made a pretty impressive. Mario sixty four. It's impressive. But still also weird because it's running in that like dreams puppet engine. And then we found one that was clearly is a goof, which is. Sonic, the hedgehog in a supermarket, but he's like, he's like, after cheese and it which I don't think sonic like it's in chili dogs but he doesn't really. That's not his thing. That's like a mouse food. It's this awful model of running around, and he's like dilapidated supermarket where there's, like knocked over shelves, and he's like hovering chunks of cheddar and every time he picks. Oh cheese, and it doesn't it sounds like a different Jalil white cancer, like it's a really horrible..

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