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If the Democrats continue this collision course with sanity they're gonna lose. And you wonder about the lack of accountability. Is there ever going to be accountability? That's what dean wants to address here on line two. Hey dean thanks for hanging in there with us. How are you? Fine. Thank you. Good. Good to talk to, you will. Thank you. Dean. First of all, I wanna thank God for Trump. Pretty offi for us to half America the lure going down the tubes. I do not understand why. Cannot be. Our with tree them. So what they're doing to our country. Every time. Come out of their personal pocket for all of the. That I have wasted all their own lawyer report that fam- Nessie. Well that's the question. I was asking a minute ago about a lack of accountability. I mean, what's the where's the accountability for an attempted coup? Listen. I hate to say this and it's going to sound. Dramatic or melodramatic whatever impeachment would be a dream. That would be the best possible scenario for our side because you wanna talk about a reckoning, they'll be a reckoning the likes of which they have never experienced if they stupidly pursue impeachment. And I've said all along, they will they can't help themselves. They just can't they don't like the outcome of the Muller investigation. So now they got a genetic Jim Jen up some other charges to try to make something up to try to stop him because they know he's gonna win. And I believe they're afraid that Pelosi is gonna lose the gavel again. And that Republicans are going to re regain control of the house next year. Trump said it yesterday in Pennsylvania. How do you beat the best to Konami? We've ever had. Why would you. Why would you vote to replace the best economy? We ever had with somebody else. And you continue to be more and more Americans. Sort of come out of the shadows, at admit this is this is the direction this country ought to be. I mean you listen to these guys the, the panic listen to Jeff Daniels. I saw him on Broadway a couple of months ago. He's right now starring in a production of Broadway production of, to kill a Mockingbird, great actor, terrific performer. And yet, these these people on the left, they can't help themselves. Here he was yesterday on MSNBC now, this is an actor and I get it. I mean, we shouldn't pay too much attention to what Hollywood actors have to say I mean, and I'm not trying to mock their profession, but these are people who pretend to be other people for a living and many of admit that, you know, I mean, it's not exactly. You know, police work or digging ditches. They get paid a whole lot of money because they're gifted at one thing, pretending to be somebody else on stage or on TV or on screen, and Jeff Daniels is one of the best, here's what he said about Trump being reelected next year. This is cut number seven from MSNBC and gravy. And, and I think there are people in the midwest between the coasts, who don't pretend don't know anything about who don't care about this. I don't have time for this who have to make a decision. You have to decide whether it like Atticus you believe that there is still, compassionate decency. Civility respect for other. Others do unto others. Remember that do unto others all that stuff. You guys believe it, and you still voted not for Hillary or four Trump. Where are you now the every because your kids are looking at you going, but he lied and I think there are a lot of people in the mid west who are going. It might be enough for that. We're going to find out if you know, the big gamble is to go all the way to November twenty twenty which I agree and lose is the end of democracy. The end of democracy democracy will end. His Trump wins next year democracy itself. Will come screeching to a halt now, somehow in Jeff Daniels mind, the first four years didn't end democracy. But it's the second four years that will definitely put an end to democracy, see, when when people like him use that kind of ridiculous rhetoric. You recognize there's zero.

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