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They have different frequencies and so and then if we're thinking about let's check about the heart shocker. Dye is government colored green and that is our cardiovascular system so for talking about the topix foods that really support our cardiovascular those were all our greens micro greens are leafy greens. The sprouts all. Those things are so nutrient dense. And they're they're dense in the nutrients that really helps support our cardiovascular system but at the same time they're also supporting our heart shock rat and kind of opening up the shuckers as well so so there is so much quantum behind it right and it's really all about resonance but there is there. Is this like spiritual ethereal part of a two year mindless be open to that to really kind of bring it all together though. I really tried to make food. You know a tangible path for people who understand that you can be supporting your brain your body your liver your gut by him. But you're on your heart but you're also supporting it from an energetic places. While because every part of our body emits a frequency all organs emit a frequency. So i love how you explained there. And it's so it's so important because we are spiritual beings and you know mine is is basically a spiritual part of us and our mind through the brain and the body so you wanted coherence and you want that enhancement to happen so that you adding another dimension. We we all know that we need to find the right way eating that works for us and viewed would you saying. is you adding another dimension. Tombs of you can actually foods that can boost you in in resilience in those certain states to to understand what the different foods due to your energy levels is a way of cooking yourself to be more to be stronger and your brain j. stronger in those challenging times and just article doing that. Isn't it just when you like. You can't really so you can do that understand so out. And that's the way it was. It was such a strong theme through twenty twenty when people felt that they were locked up. You know and they felt that they had all these options removed from them. And that's where. I was trying to explain in them. But you eat new move and breathe and whether or not you're outside or inside you're already putting this friend of your infringing on your play into your body. So let's look at it from a different perspective. And if you're eating all colors of the rainbow throughout the course of your day implants you're getting you're targeting. All those energy centres all those frequencies but then the spectrum of vitamins and nutrients and fighter nutrients as. Wow and when you're when you're making that connection and you're seeing that salad and all the bright colors more than just a plate of vegetables you're seeing beyond that you're actually taking this moment before you're putting that into your body and your allowing your body just in that moment of presence and seeing that for what it is beyond just the plate of vegetables you're shifting into a para sympathetic mode so you're actually helping your body go into a mode of receiving your digestive system is now prepared you know and your mind is year releasing those biochemicals and scenario bodies ready to receive. So you're actually able to digest that food better than if you are you know in a state of inflammation or fighting fight or you're rushing. You're worried when you see that for more than just what it is you're able to receive. It actually absorb those nutrients in a different way and so is that's also all very much. Part of connor. Alchemy is just like that presence as well but intentional energy that is already is already there with your food is just taking that moment and seeing it for what it is beyond what it just seems like understanding that that carrot beyond the beta carotene vitamin c. It's another level of healing for your body. It's another level it's another tool it's another. It's something as you can build your immune system when you see it differently and that level of gratitude and appreciation also then goes into your cellular dangling and so it's what you're already already doing you know it's just like one step further on your pioneers off and so when you even if you feel that you have your limited or things are opening up now but you know when and if those moments may come again anytime that you feel that you're limited you know being something like a plate. You're the food in front of you for more than just what it is actually. You're you're empowering your physical body and your immune system because you're able to receive better and it's also a chain a reframing the mind i love this it's it's so interesting and so i'm not in my head because this really is in alignment with with with the work that i do to your mind doesn't your body is your digestive system. Your mind is running the health of your brain your body. You run running your heart your mind with your mind. Now you teaching us with to be mindfully attentional to the food choices the impact that it's having a nets the whole schedule such as such as the carrots actually something that's giving you this kind of level of energy in the morning devils amazing things because you said this not lot more than seven checkers so these a lot more these oldest nobody's energy and it's so catered and you can few actually getting empowered to facilitate that process which is amazing and then your mind work is sitting you into the right frame of mind. I mean i know from my works at if you are eating when you anxious and you just grab that. Don't think intentionally about what you're eating and what could do for you. What you putting into your mouth. You may be eating amazing the healthy meal but if you you can lose up to eighty six percent of the nutrition because for example who pancreas doesn't secrete the red. The the necessary protein required for simulation. So you know. That's this is affect on mine. Influences the brain and the body. You giving beautiful practical and logical way to harness that and to renew it and if you really worked up focusing on something like food in three logical way industry in teaching the way convenient will help calmed anura. Chemistry and deal with emotions says go to salute. Lincoln fourth feedback. Beautiful feedback loop. That's being set up. That's so interesting. So the you consoled with clients akeso so people could be going to ask you the in disa- this point if people want to know more about that we're going to put the link in the show notes but would they. Do you do personal consultations. Would you workshop. So how can people find out more do. Actually you know. There's a lot of content. That i put on my website which is soon allows dot com and then of course a my social platforms. Got chef's serena poon. We put a lot of content up. Just because i want people to understand in no and empower themselves and then to teach you know their family and their friends. I've practiced i do take on clients and do consultations. Violence people can reach out to me through. Mike context there so social. Yeah details on the web page. You're on social absolutely and we're actually putting together some basic coursework so that people can really teach l. Because it's not just about what you're putting back into your body you know needs. You're preparing food whether something you drink when you eat and then you give to someone else. You have the ability to also help boost their immune system as well. You know in the same way so so again as you said. It's this beautiful feet loop of feedback loop that we can do and so much less to do with intentionally presence in just understanding. I try to make it very very simple. You know there's so much science and data unsexy we can put behind it which is trying to keep in mind is this is why you actually do either rainbow. It is to get the spectrum of nutrients but also to support the energy centers to create that constant low neo on that cheese. Yeah that's pretty cycles of tension and release and when we get anxious with go progress through like a according things. We don't have the release in our cycles of the nationally so biochemistry cycles on your physiological cycles the energy driven by energy all spinning instead of and release tension release. What you saying is through hardcore scientific facts you can bring in and you traditional approach to help to help in the process and so nothing. That's amazing you also do other stuff okay so you. Are you talk a lot about how to turn setbacks into comebacks. Can you die but about that under. That's another era you love to talk about. I truly feel that with our very often. are opportunities. Ever challenge is a gift and definitely been through. You know a journey of challenges. My my career started because with my parents had cancer and so just slightly. Thank you know. We lost our daddy to cancer. I was in college. It was my last year but then and in two months after our was diagnosed with cancer. And they're both in their forties so she's not with us. Shoot okay but that was the beginning of my journey. You know and and thank you for your kind words. Because i wish my daddy were here but it's because of him as the naples to helps still many people in that there are certain people i know the i've impacted their lives in a way that truly of them she'll or at least make their quality of life exponentially better than what it would have been not really comes from mention. That came into me when my family went through that experience and had some of my own health issues as well in so you know and that team from a from a lack of self care so has a caregiver and end wedding to take care of my parents. This became you know my journey. But along that way. I also realized that you can't be a caregiver and self-sacrifice it doesn't work that way so that became my own personal journey of self which ended up leading meeting to having eight surgeries now. That's it will. It was a lot. It definitely wine surgery is ally you know so eight is the line the impact on your body just from the anesthesia. Learn little learn actual surgery before the surgery. And then the healing. It's huge. yeah still what. That's not me in a really know how to help. Prepare people prio stop. Dister understand like how to prepare the body. Repair the south in the to shoe to optimize in healing. The type of anesthesia are long. You're under the antibiotics all of that. Because even for me i've had eight surgeries. i have been when mersa. Dr lee amara. Save is a deadly staph infection for your listeners. That may not be aware and the amount of antibiotics not to be on. Because of this was arthur charts and even with all the antibiotics. I never got c death you know. I never had extreme. Obviously i to continue to clean the healing process. Every time with my gut and your gut affects your immune system in your mind bay. It never got to a point that a lot of people. I never liked leaky. I line people. Do get after being on outs of antibiotic because they just know how to support the guy and so this whole journey has actually allowed me to be a better practitioner. You know i'm. I'm that much better at my job and serving because i've been through and so still not. I really feel that that's where that's where the opportunities i you know of obstacles. I found opportunities to help serve more and deserve better and just as a byproduct of that my conscious has been very successful and my brand has has grown very organically just from that so i never would have thought that it was definitely not something you think at the time you know. When you're just trying to al-qaeda frightening but you can then you when you in the midst of their pain. Sorry it's frightening and then you don't realize what good good can come out of it so that it may sound so cheesy out of every obstacle is an opportunity but it really is a fat. I mean it's a really young coup fact that we can you can either take the and it can break you. You can take it and try and do something that we use focusing on enhancing and helping others. Which is yeah. I mean i really think that's the mind frame that you really have to look at everything you know whether it's code the pandemic whatever it is is just okay. Work were is an. It's not about silver lining. Necessarily you know it's really about okay. There's a lesson in here. And like how can i take what's happening. And how can i make. How can i teach you. How can i make this better. Can i use this in a way to serve. And i think that when you look at it through those lens you actually see the opportunities if you're not looking at it through those lines you won't see how you can use that particular experience challenging or not. You won't see the opportunities. But when you look through the lens of al-qaeda what can i learn from this where i can turn around. Serve others from this experience. You will see opportunities to start. They start showing up. Because.

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