William F. Buckley, Alec Baldwin, CNN discussed on Mark Levin


Because you can really dig in the thing you're gonna learn a lot about professor Dershowitz you didn't know before by the way as a side people try to jump ahead of my interviews on Sunday the bring them on their own TV shows are right it's not gonna work it's a matter of chemistry how I do the show and how individuals answer and how I follow up it just isn't the same and then you can see these efforts have been launched to try and mimic what I do there's no need to mimic what I do it's like I say everything and every other walk or do be yourself to what you like so they're firing line on PBS it's a complete bust they even still the name from William F. Buckley one of my heroes Alec Baldwin had some kind of energy into the future it's a complete bust it's a complete past but because I'm a pro when they're an amateur but because I come at it from a different perspective I am audience centric I'm not pandering to you but I'm trying to provide information that you might find particularly interesting and entertaining CNN doesn't do that don lemon is stupid and he's not entertaining Jake tapper is getting stupider and stupider used to be decent journalist he started out the window they must be paying a lot of money wolf Blitzer honestly I never knew of wolf Blitzer before he was on scene and did you Mister producer I don't know where the hell he comes from nobody even cares Alison camaraderie used to be a perfectly good host on fox she goes to CNN they pair good money and now she's just another trash mouth it's a light weight line up people must fall on the line project the veritas demonstrated they must fall into line or they're not gonna be around very long on MSNBC you have the bomb throws on the left they don't pretend to be anything but what they are now the news people pretend like Andrea Mitchell pretend she's a journalist she gets awards every journalist his act.

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