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Some and an established record of success is critical time and again our experience has proven to shorten limit frustration and deliver positive outcomes integrity respect hallmarks of our for quite some time we've been representing distances Scranton for over one hundred seventy years if your business is you can trust that our experience will guide you through this most difficult time and so you can leave the headaches behind with your clients deserve good lawyers Meisner Tierney Fisher in Nichols him TFN dot com people sometimes talk about cutting a deal this week on the loose when our pastor Ryan today says in times past that cutting was more than a figure of speech learn what it means to cut a covenant and how god keeps our part of the deal because we couldn't your pastor today's message face unafraid this week on the list when our Sunday mornings at six thirty six twenty dreams of going on a river cruise this is Lynn Clark owner of travel leaders this Sunday morning during the Sunday said I'll be broadcasting while sailing aboard Avalon waterways on the beautiful Danube river you'll also hear about a special promotion exclusive to travel leaders on all twenty twenty Avalon waterways ceiling available now through October thirty first listen to this on the set this Sunday morning at nine fifteen am W. T. M. J. continuing on here.

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