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Because you attracting many people who want to be confident as you are attracting as many people who think brick is just you choose to react to the negative or positive Yes I agree but you also think that there. There are many confident. People at their confidence is an amazing paying for anybody to however learn but I think there are coffee people there there has to be somewhere along the line if may cookie is where area for me. Confidences is just like knowing and and and you know that person knows and occasionally that will say because you know that. They're not cocky reinforcing as a way to this is how it should be. You should be confident is a good thing. It's almost like leading an example showing you the life you could have like if you want this car work hard school. Do you want to be confident? Then be like means confident but then caucuses like with an actually confident and you know. They're not they're saying because they WANNA be at bats cocky but also somebody who also talk about themselves all the time and there's there's a middle ground somebody was speaks. How good they are is arrogant. They don't necessarily cocky because that they could be confident. And and cooking where? You're not really confident. You're preaching it whereas confidence as you know your what you say you are. You don't need to preach at so. There's Ashley is cocky arrogant and confidence that make sense three parts yet. No that definitely does make sense. I think it's just trying to trying to find. Everybody is good too and have confidence on. Its own if it's something you don't have. It's definitely something that you can learn to have. And I think people need to understand that I think a lot of people think that they are wired to not have confidence. They're just not that type of person they've never been the type of person who stands presentations or they've never been the person to lead the popular you need to realize that you can teach yourself one hundred percent confidence. I think surround yourself with the right people or maybe nobody at all and I think Keith. I'm with the right knowledge and books and videos and practice. I think he can definitely gain confidence on. It will get anybody far in life to thing. Confidence is a knowing it. You don't have to say anything so if somebody if you dress up really well and go into a a casino or walk into a town centre or rush on and you feel good. You look good. You're you're walking through your own. The place people will be like. She's so arrogant. Bastard Oregon. That's you just feeling powerful. Like how arrogance is like or cockiness. Somebody loves themselves by what they're saying with saying anything and they just walking. How the fuck is arrogant or cocky. It's confidence so again. Words are misinterpreted they are. They are seen as something when it's really know. And it's just how you feel like if you purposely walk in that restaurant thinking I'm better than either matinee. She that's an ego issue. But if you're just walking with confidence and and just feeling goods and your intention is you know the reaction gang. That's okay to walk through lock. You're in the place that's confidence and that's what I want people to be like like. I'm very confident. And people know I am through what I say but I don't see how am I know I'm great? And if you say autograph and say I know rather than when you look at see guts looking. Gal you'll say fit now. I'm no you really are now. I'm no. They won't that that we that we was me. I didn't need that reinforcement because I know so if I say is short GonNa go. Nobody really really are. I know yes but you really are not the same effect as she said a looking go. You really felt now. I'm not. She needs that so again. It's a different mindset of of confidence. It's like when I say like I'm good. It's you looking at me going. Wow He's so confident. How do I be like that Robin? He such confident arrogant prick. It's a want people to be as confident by empowering people say if me getting a bit stick about into our confident. Whatever means the. I've empowered you to fill as good as I do that Shit. That's my done because I can tell you. I literally can handle we ever Anna catastrophe and goad as well. Isn't it when you feel confident? Feel good but it's not just. It's not what you buy what you're saying it's about higher say body language tone of voice. It all comes down to things like that. You can be talking to channel the clear we talking today but if you it's all about yeah just like. I said Zonneveld Year just have I. Have you speak your body language? All of that it will find back your phone on on of the fixture. Sorry it's actually General K thirty percent. Oh that's cool so yeah Confidence is a high vibration. Just imagine the ourselves are supposed to be vibrating. Certain frequency about plans vibrates at the fight. Bright side just everything vibrates that right and confidence is when you body is in harmony with what it should be an and when you're not feeling confident you're feeling nervous which means your body's diseases disharmonies different vibration. So being confident is just feeling good. Which is how we should be feeding anyway like animals. They just feel the same every day. They don't know the difference between what's good or bad. It's just that just feeling that and we should be feeling VATU like if you didn't know what it was like feel sick then you just know that that's just feeling pringles. The day I felt so shit that I made myself sick. So now there's a difference between feeling and confidence is just being in harmony confidence. You just staying with gross their conference just being in harmony with how it makes you feel and tricky nor Eighty yeah it is. It's it's an state of mind though as well. You know it can be changed in a second. I don't know how much of Tony Robbins to. And he always as if you are going into something whether it's an interview or you just feel like Shit just coach your eyes or two seconds. Put your shoulder stock. Change your tone of voice. Pretend you're wearing imaginary case. Just change it in of seconds but it's very powerful. Having confidence is very very powerful on gets you. It gets you especially lots of cases in life. It's interesting says something about an hour going back like for example so I don't I don't admire many people right. Don't have many mentors and it's not that I feel I'm superior to people. It's not about that. It's about my own self belief right. It's mostly period than Tony Robbins proxy. You may Jesus fucking monk. Whatever it's not about that it's I'm such an individual and I always have been bats. I don't need people. I want people when all be with people but the need for something like for example like it's almost like I'm aware of something. I watched that umbrella. Watch BOB proctor. Watch Tony Robbins. Watch these people but they get to the next stage. Where some people that get fixated on certain characters and they never really evolved to the next step. I was fixated on these people in this order. Growing up it was Richard Branson not an Branson. It was the Evans. It was day. Barron Brown it was Russell brand and then it was trump. And now it's May and all these people tool a level of something that the other right so it's not I'm superior because I'm under any human being an anyone can essentially create my mindset because I'm just teaching the knowledge the Myself so we've I learned myself not G. and you can get to that stage Jewish. It's more the fact that I'm such an individual and I always have been in with anyone or anything that I don't I don't admire people are growing up. All my friends have like a picture of chauvel. Cohen will or somebody a hot chick. A Babe Babe station or some you know Angelina. Jolie Oh Nicole Ri- fast 'cause and my dad once you've never really fancied anyone any popstars and the answer is no because I always loved me and myself and always wanted to do. I wanted to do nothing else. Like fascinated me nothing. Nothing really. I didn't really give a shit about anything apart. From just me being me and being happy because it was such a twenty one year. Twenty one year about what to do it. I didn't have time to think about show. Cohen fucking fast calls parties. Because we're trying to work out. You know things that were important so I think it's just such I'm to individual Conradi here. Sorry I also gun actions just go and Reebok connection is just going bad. A Year Victoria out stopping the night fully. Thought coming through again. He's coming through now. I can hear you their love affair. Yes it's just the I'm too much of an individual thinker that I just don't fit in with anyone or anything. It's nothing to do with being superior don't have to do the EGO. It's just I as I said a Kuma myself arrest recipe a frog that no scientist is ever come across an icon out now. I just don't just don't fit with people I want to. That's ever wanted to do was be normal but I just I just Cobb but.

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