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We go. I'm not gonna say the points. I'm actually going to lay them with denver here. They they alone teams out. They blown teams out this species. I like everybody thinks that because there's so many points that denver is not going to cover If lock gets majority of the snaps his game he's going to be pissed that he's not starting he's gonna want to show them that. Hey i should have been a starter so this is a huge number. And i can't believe. I'm saying but i really don't even know. They're the favorite. I don't think the money's coming in on denver. So i'm going to say though. See this is new. You're gonna you tricked me and pretend like you weren't going to be chucky. You went back to the chuck. I like the handicapped though drew lock in a pissed off state. The only problem is i see my Teenage daughter when she gets pissed off and she just storms off into our room. That's what i would imagine. Drew lock is also going to do with his toys. Maybe moon off. Are you taking the points. Or are you laying the points God i agree with terrell. Here i think is going to be game for drew. lock We're not sure how knees naps. Or even if bridgewater plays in this game. But i i really like i have. Denver broncos years michigan drew lock is going to get the start here Yeah everything tyrrell said that it might be mind being fu mode Let's not forget man. This is drew log man. He was james into i. Think a rick ross. On two seasons ago at halftime us appeals rapping and singing the lyrics. This guy this guy will get down man Some rick ross are ought to send you the. Are you saying that. Drew lock is Dog through locks dog. We'll have to know it was put on by. Jesus yeah you gotta watch out. That's funny you guys are making me feel all right next up seven. Pm on the west coast the chargers they had to seattle take on the seahawks or minus five and a half minus two fifty on the money line chargers plus two hundred thirty five is the total. All right well This is one of those situations where you know. What are we supposed to do. It's a peak. Carol coached team. We generally like to back in. Let's back pete. Carol ross cooks munaf yet. This is really have to see who is starting. The stars are playing because seattle in the first weeks. They've scored a whole ten points in the Games macaque yes. It's time for them to cook. This might be another game where you want to look at the first half man all the points here with the seattle seahawks fan At home let's get victories. Put some points on the board in Get into the season where russell west russell westbrook. Russell wilson is going to be. Mvp let's go. That's a hell of a slip because russell westbrook is not going to be the mvp this year trail you in agreement with seattle. Yes i am in agreement with seattle. Owen soon preseason mp carol he's gonna wanna put a statement on and get these boys ready for two weeks. I gotta go to indianapolis so i think Peak carol carol here and i'm just gonna fade the chargers and so they shall be otherwise before this twenty. I think i think he's number is twenty five fifteen and one against the spread coming into this year carol so some positive regression certainly certainly on the horizon. Right we're gonna take a quick break before we get on to the sunday games the talk about paramount plus the summer of soccer continues on paramount plus stream over two thousand soccer match the year from around the world. That's all the heart pounding drama from. Cbs sports including uefa champions league the europa league italy's syria argentina's primera division. The brasilia ro nws sell the asian football confederation and the concha caf qualifiers with featuring the stars from the us and mexican men's national teams plus much much more. It's.

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