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Not a big Oh, and power guy. I know he was great at the world Championships, but I'm not going to let if you if you heard me after the draft lottery own power is not my guy. In fact, he wasn't my number. Top two guys. Luke uses my guy, and if they're going to go away from a defenseman, I would go with Matthew veneers. Power is just not my type of defenseman. Now I think I Was a little misguided in thinking and what he was because he is not just being drafted because of his physical attributes. He is a great passer stretch passes out of his own end, lugging the puck out himself. Smooth skater, not a dynamic skater, but a smooth skater. But I still think The overall the overarching point of His ceiling is capped. Compared to Luke use. I think that remains accurate. Hughes has All the makings of being Kalma car two point Oh, I mean, the odds of him reaching that level are probably not They're not even 50 50. But I want to take that shot. Want to go for the high ceiling guy and I want to go for the guy. That's 17 years old in a draft class where we don't think there's an elite talent Let's take the one guy that might Be able to get there. Who has an added year of development than at these other guys. Because in reality Luke Hughes is almost 2022 draft eligible. He almost shouldn't be eligible for this draft. So You're basically getting too fast forward a year on the draft process. And that's a risk because you can go to Michigan as a freshman and be average and you look like idiots. What If he's great. And you'll look like geniuses. In taking a risk on a guy that could have the elite potential that you didn't think existed in this draft class. And to me, He's the one guy that has the opportunity to to have that. There is no generational talent in this draft class. But if anybody is going to be generational It's Luke use. It is not own power. That's my thought. All right. Well, that's going to do it for me tonight on the nightcap. Thank somebody. Four listening will be back tomorrow at seven o'clock. Until then, enjoy your night. Has been the nightcap with Jodi BOC here on W G R. Hi, It's Mike Shop. You've seen them out on the road there The motor homes that you don't need a big pickup truck to tow because they are a truck..

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