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Mine delete out to their banks to see about short term loans of this nature a lot of employee's, especially those that live in high income areas or high pasta is Boston BC how small side side Phillips. So how long has it been a beauty if it's a monk if it's six to eight weeks and these in full us you need to pay their rent? They. To pay their mortgage they paid for healthcare expected they fuel. How long is it before they stopped calling in in mouse by hundreds by thousands at some point saying, I'm sorry. I can't seem to work. I'm going to do my EBA job today for Frank west of Russian company. So they they basically take a hit. And then we'll take a hit for some of our border patrol security there. Paul very interesting thought about the unintended consequences of a possible shutdown Molly ball, very quickly. There's a very quick test. But you know, the president or the president's homeland security department and his homeland security secretary referred not to the wall or the border wall. But kept talking about wall. I want funding for wall. I would ask for wall. We need wall quiver quickly. What is that about whether using Wallis sort of a collective now to mean, walling right t mean amounts of of fence or steel slats as the president has now taken to to calling it saying because they don't want the it is it. Is almost impossible to build a single wall that stretches across the entire southern border. And so what they are implying here is that there will be sections of wall portions of wall while here while they're while all over the place, but not a single monolithic piece of construction that constitutes the wall. And that is yet another way of sort of diluting and talking around and fiddling with a sort of signature promise of the president that had seemed so clear I'll build a wall and make Mexico pay for it turns out, there's a lot of asterisks on that particular idea here. I was thinking were just asking for more cowbell appear Thomas we have a little bit of time left before the end of the the hour. I wanted to give you chance to just talk a little bit. This criminal Justice Bill passed with bipartisan support in a week of tumult, a Tulsa a little bit about what that accomplishment, isn't what it means. Well, we're rare bit of bipartisanship as you said in which they're going to look at ways to. Keep the people to go into prison from going back. That's kind of the one of the central themes of what was passing a lot of people on both sides. They all seem to think that's a good thing. And you know, maybe that's the one bit of shining light coming out of Washington as we head toward the holidays that you've been hearing their voice appear Thomas, the chief Justice correspondent for ABC news. Thanks so much for joining us today. Pleasure. Also, Molly ball, she's national political correspond for time magazine. Thanks so much. Thank you. David. And Jack Beatty our own on point news analysts have a great weekend. Jack. Thank you. You can continue the conversation and get the point podcast website on point radio dot org. And you can follow us on Twitter and find us on Facebook at on point radio are executive producers. Karen, shipment me. I'm David Folkenflik here on full conflict Fridays, and this is on point.

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