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My baked frozen stove. No, didn't your mom used to take stuff and make it look like that. I always, my mom was kind of before I was fat ish. Was into something we call real food. Far fresh to table. So she wouldn't get me like TV dinners and stuff. But you wanted them. I always wanted a TV dinner. Yeah. They were really cool. So she went out and bought those. All divided up and she cooked everything separately, loaded in that. That's awesome. Now we know why. Now we know why he got baskets for his kids to put burgers in. It is fun. I just did that. I got there great. I know. I got this plastic basket. They have the bowling alley. Yes. I know this probably didn't happen, but I'd like to think when your mom handed you that homemade TV dinner. I hope she mumbled that ought to hold you. And when I was little, I was one of those kids that had to have all the food separated. Yeah. Oh, then that's why the TV dinner was perfect. But when the corn leaked into the mashed potatoes that was troubling for me. Do you eat one thing at a time? At some times I do. Yeah. The other day I did that. I ate all the Lima beans before I dug it. They're my favorite. Oh, yeah. When we come back, we have coming up speaking of food. A zoo director who had to be fired after serving four of the animals of the Christmas party. Did he have good reason? No. I don't think so. I mean, what's the monster? Well, they were free. I'll dig into it and find out right now. I want to talk a little bit about Valentine's Day and how you can do very well fellas and ladies if you pay attention real quick. Steven singer jewelers, Steven, of course, has great jewelry. I'm talking about bracelets necklaces, et cetera, et cetera. Also, the only place you can find the 24 karat gold dipped rose this year the new color is called periwinkle. Right there in front of Josh. I didn't know what Perry mickel but Perry winkle was color wise and it's kind of a violet purpley. It's a bluish, but it's very pretty and of course it's dipped in gold. So it'll last forever. Find out more at I hate Steven singer dot com, do it today because they run out of these before Valentine's Day every year. We're going to talk with Stephen singer a little bit later on. We'll talk about this in other things, but you can't go wrong.

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