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Still in lockdown from their apartment in Shanghai Thanks you guys Thank you rob Nice to be here rob Our time now is four 44 It's all things considered on 90.1 W ABE I'm Jim burris Atlanta is well poised for a corporate travel rebound relatively speaking even better than many other cities of our size It turns out what that bounce back looks like is different from the pre-pandemic period For one it's slower but steadier at least when it comes to international air travel and that's just one prediction from consulting firm Deloitte's just released report on corporate travel in 2022 and beyond Brian Terry is the firm's global aviation leader and when we spoke earlier I asked him what's slowing that segment International first has been traveling to dampened on a period by many of the restrictions We have the constraints and concerns associated with testing and the ability to reenter concerns of that nature as more of those restrictions and regulations and policies come down We anticipate international travel will return at the same pace as the leisure traveler return The wildcards here are corporate travel and corporate international travel So I think we will see those again on that same trajectory Hopefully by the end of 2022 but no later than 2023 There was something in the report that kind of stood out to me and I thought it was pretty interesting And that's this notion of work from home and how that's going to affect travel long term It's not that we're going to necessarily not have travel because folks are working from home but they're going to be new cases or new ways that folks are computing in say to their corporate headquarters Kind of talk about how that shift is happening that you all saw Sure That's a great question And an interesting phenomenon that has emerged through the pandemic obviously there was a big work from home component That actually translated to people actually moving away in many cases from where their work was located So we expect that trend to continue as part of that phenomenon We will see a shift towards workers traveling naturally just to return to their office on a periodic basis Companies that will have a culture of returning back to in office environment that will tend to increase demand for travel within those companies And let's talk about why folks are traveling Why they're staying in the hotels and getting on the airplanes And traditionally that's been a number of conferences and events How are those likely to change going forward Sure on the leisure side I think it was as simple as there was just pent up demand on the corporate side What is driving travel And we have a matrix that looks at that And what's really coming back faster than others or anything that's helping drive or advance businesses from a commercial perspective So think about things We're getting out to meet clients to go and network at conferences and interact Anything that can help advance relationships I think one of the learnings from the pandemic was that virtual meetings are good but they're not a replacement for face to face If we didn't have a pandemic do you think some of these factors would eventually have come into the arena anyway I think they would Technology has had an encroachment on travel for more than two decades I mean virtual meetings are not new They've been around for a long time But I think necessity dictated a greater use but I think the pandemic also again as we talked about just showcase the real need and the real value for personal interaction as well What are the wild card factors that could totally disrupt the predictions in the trends I wouldn't necessarily call them wild cards There are a couple of things that are actually known events right now So first one is sustainability sustainability is going to have a material impact on travel Certainly businesses will need to be respond to be more sustainable Consumers expect businesses that they associate with the more sustainable a shorter term wildcard is inflation and cost control as the economy returned in general and companies wanted to return to profitability certainly being able to.

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