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Dot com and provides successful results in varying line of duty accident cases. These results include damages recovered from our MP accidents involving the city of New York and civilian motorists stationhouse defects ricochet injuries from the range private premises. Slip and falls sidewalk. Slip and falls construction. Defects, snow and ice cases and injuries from defective. Our MP's in any LSD accident. It is important for the officer to take photographs of any defects, injuries or damage. It is also essential to draft the line of duty report and detail the cause of the accident in the paper world, remember there's a ninety day time limitation filer claim against the municipality if any law enforcement member as a question regarding a potential lawsuit contact decalator Cohen into Prisco LLP at police officers right to sue. Dot com or call one eight hundred nine zero one one five to nine on the twenty sports time two oh four the Rangers. The only NHL local in action last night, and they made it back to back wins for the first time since the middle of January three to nothing over the flyers in Philly. First period goals from Pado butchnevich and Ryan Stroman Brady shea scored the third to seal the deal. Alex cure gear with twenty nine saves for New York NBA the Knicks, and that's both idle. The warriors crush the Hornets one thirty seven and ninety clinching the Pacific Division title for a fifth year in a row. The March for dimes fights for the health of all moms and babies. Join us for marchforbabies in New York City, Sunday, April twenty eighth because every baby deserves the best possible start sign up at marchforbabies dot org. Fan weather clear overnight low in the mid thirties. Monday, sunny, a high in the upper forty s Tuesday mostly sunny getting into the low fifties right now, it's thirty eight and clear in central park. And that's what's happening. I'm Harris Allen with twenty twenty sports on WFAN sports.

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