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And Natalie Aquilina on news radio fella. And a good morning at 10 minutes after eight. And it is a Wednesday morning here and in just a moment, we're gonna have our today in history feature here July 1st, But first of all, we'll get along Look, a traffic from K. From the Maas Nissan Traffic Center. We're looking pretty good honor Interstates now. Earlier accident to 75 South founded Fowler has been completely cleared out of the way We do have some slow going on I four West Ham between the someone connected to 75 do watch out for an accident in Pinellas Park. That'll be 66 Street north at 98th Avenue. This reporter sponsored by the FCC. Do you watch free TV with an antenna? Are some of your local channels missing. Find them again by re scanning your TV using your remote. Not sure how learn more at FCC dot gov slash We re scan Traffic Update today. 20 K long, his radio W fella. The latest on the Corona virus. It's impacts on the economy and Florida at the top and bottom of the hour news, radio w F L A and in the middle of the hour too. Hey, it's today in history July 1st in 18 63. In the American Civil War, The battle of Gettysburg began. 18 67 the British North America Act took effect. Has the Providence of Canada, New Brunswick and Nova Scotia. Join into confederation to create the modern nation of Canada,.

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