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Of view you want to prove a point sean you had to be honest with everything right you gotta be there's nothing wrong you've got to be honest with stuff yeah there's a lot of bad things that are happening in mexico is full of violence and full of horrible horrific situations that if you paint one side of the picture and there's a lot of bad like nothing good is coming from the massive amounts of drugs and illegal immigration all these things are happening but do we overstate at times yeah because it's it's it's the boogeyman side of things it is look we need to figure out how we do this california is a mess right california's a giant mess it really is and it's gonna continue to be as beautiful as california's been born and raised there spent most of my life there you know minus my my my move to tarazona and then in taxes and then the the decade or so i spent in europe is back and forth and i love california but it's not the state at i used to love doesn't represent me anymore at all it's on many people as i've talked to today out of the way that we don't need you were throwing you out we don't care all we want is your money we don't care about any of your ideas we don't care about how you believe california's mess why and they've allowed illegal immigration to overrun everything and they have put the the people that are here in this country illegally ahead of people who are taxpayers and it's frustrating and you see all the nastiness on television nasty is in mexico with the violence you see that stuff you see how bad it isn't water mollet honduras and and and all of these other places and you feel for those people and you ask yourself the question which never ever gets asked if you're a politician down there why in god's name are you happy to watch your countrymen and women flee or country will the t willing to take risk why are you not doing anything to fix your because corruption is so embedded in that culture in the political culture of mexico honduras el salvador guatemala it is so embedded inside whether it be through the federalize or whether it be the.

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