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A lot of ways of America's history, its values and ideals for American Indian mothers have tied quarter Chinese in quarter white So you are that's why you America's Soon Tiger has been world famous for decades, and his story It comes with many chapters. Groundbreaking achievements on Tiger Woods is the 100 U S Open champion in history. A shocking fall from Grace. I am deeply sorry. For my irresponsible and selfish behavior. He was all Mount Everest. And now he that the bottom of the river mean and of course, what many believe is the greatest sports comeback of all time. Many doubted we'd ever see it. But here it is Return to glory, But few people have really gotten to know Tiger. And winning is kind of lonely. I knew he had to keep the world of bait. It's largely been left to the media to tell his story, remarkable Start to what promises to be a remarkable career. Tiger was doesn't just play golf. He is gone, and he's like another Gandhi best in the history of God, no question in my mind. I'm china words. I'm Tiger Woods. I'm Tiger Woods. This is all American. A new syriza from stitcher hosted by me, Jordan Bell and this season with the help of journalist Albert Chen. We're asking what if the story of Tiger Woods that the media has been telling What if it's been completely wrong? All American Tiger? Look out for episodes every Thursday Wherever you listen to podcasts, Listen and follow this podcast for free on the I Heart radio APP number one for music radio. And podcasts, all in one. I. Heart radio goes one on one with Brad Paisley to weigh the pros and cons of opening or closing a show. George Jones and Conway Twitty used to fight about that because they've gotten older and they're on tour together. And they had, uh, there was a tour for a while. That was Conway Twitty, George Jones. Vince Gill and Vince was always in the middle. And what was this was like I shouldn't be closing. I shouldn't be after either of you and they they would fight and flip coins as to who could go first, so they could go home is hilarious that I'm not to that point. I like closing. I'm not in any area. Was funny, though, to see Scotty McCreery at the festival, and I got together with him that day and said, Hey, we come sing celebrity during my show he did. Did he have his pajamas? I was sorely And he came out of the bus. And he said, You know, he talks. He was like, No, No, I gotta tell you, I really thought I'd be a lot longer for I was closing. But all right, keep listening to I heart radio for more Brad Paisley and all your favorite artists I heart radio goes one on one with Mike from R E m sharing how they felt being inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. It's weird to think about because it felt really odd to be going in. There is a band that was still Functional inactive. It was like taking one night off to do a little retrospective, which is not something we think about really ever but for one night, and it was, I think it was just much for friends and family as it was for us. It was really, really nice to include all the people that have You know, you know, raised us or or helped us along all those years, and you don't have a good time doing and then the very next day, you know, we're all thinking about the next record. Keep listening to my heart radio for Maura of R E. M and all your favorite artists I Heart radio goes one on one with mono from you to explaining how the band's attitude has changed as the career is progressed on our second, um Which not many people have heard. It's called October with a song called Rejoice, and Then it went. I can't change the world, but I can change the world in me. So that's what we were thinking about back Then. Now, I would say it's more like maybe we can change the world. But I can't change the world in me. How deep is that? Keep listening, Toe I heart radio for more of you two and all your favorite artists. Hi hard radio goes one on one with Joe Perry from Aerosmith to get his thoughts on being inducted into the Songwriters Hall of Fame. One of those things that you don't expect to happen, You know, it's not what I picked up the guitar for the beginning to decide what I wrote songs for In the beginning. I had no idea this thing kind of hit us by surprise. And then I look at the list of induct ease, and it's like I'm gonna be on that list. Okay with that. Keep listening to I heart radio for more of.

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