Conor Mcgregor, Mayweather, Las Vegas discussed on Skip and Shannon: Undisputed - 6/22/17 - Tom Brady's legacy + Conor McGregor as a boxer


The greatest key could american history better be robin now they are by the way it's belt which are opted robby robby girl that i works well let's get started with the most talked about by in years on august twenty six boy mayweather and conor mcgregor we'll finally fight in vegas mayweather is a heavy favorite going into the very data white said quote it's definitely the biggest fight ever and combat sports history skipped what's your early prediction you can call me crazy the way i called conor mcgregor crazy the craziest man in the world in a good way but i really like conor mcgregor chances to win this fight i would love his chances if i did not believe he's going to have to win this fight by a knockout so i'll go with the knockout here because it's going to take a knockout to overcome those nevada boxing judges that floored we'll have in his corner i'm not going to say in his pocket on throw that out there but in his corner because vegas his home he's the cash cow for las vegas and those boxing judges if this does go to a decision are not going to give the imei fighter any breaks because they get a protect their sport in their cash cow so i'm gonna go knockout and i'll tell you why do love conner's chances is because most people believe this fight starting with you you're the ringleader here it's a joke it's a mismatch it's a clown show.

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