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We went while that is a allies decision. That is obviously been very fruitful for the Glasgow family starting then and continuing to now what was the difference in age between a gram and Ryan Ryan. Then they were what two years apart thirteen months park. Oh my goodness. You like our family. Yes. Thirteen quite busy. Volos air teen months support. And you know, Graham is the one who really insisted in a Ryan was sort of leaning towards Vander bell. The ram basically inserted himself in the Ryan's process and said, you need to come up here. You need to visit with the coaches, you need to get a sense of what's going on here. So we went up and we visited and it was a done deal. And it was the same. And then when Jordi when it was Jordan's time, you know, both Graham and Ryan inserted themselves in Jordan's process, made sure that your ended up in Michigan. So what a wonderful journey at has been. Can you take us back and paint a picture for the listeners of like what it was like around the house, as these kids? These three boys were growing up. I'm picturing some rain, bunks young men. Well, you know, I think the first time that my, my wife had an inkling that this was going to be a little bit different than her upbringing. So I was the oldest of three boys, I, I was sort of used to. Three boys are like, and so one Sunday I think, you know, the boys were like four three and Jordy was barely wasn't even one yet. And I'm I'm watching football on a Sunday, reading the paper, the three boys are at my feet and their pile of bodies and their flight. Comes over and rips, the paper all homes is. Don't you see the problem with this? And he said what and she said this and I said, what I'm watching the football game. I'm reading the paper, I'm not even paying attention to the kids are fighting. I see..

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