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Yeah, it's just not it can't happen. I don't think. Well, let's talk about Elaine Chao, the she is a Mitch McConnell's wife, and she is the secretary of transportation. And she is also a massive fucking Griff ter-. So I thought it'd be. I want to bring her before the expert. To get your thoughts on Elaine Chao, so she owned stock in a huge gravel company gravel like the stuff we build roads out of and she signed an ethics agreement saying, she would divest from that since ethics people were like, are you are you fucking kidding me? You the stock for this company that she owns like a massive Sharon goes up every time someone mentions the word infrastructure week. And like that's what she's in charge of now. So she basically gets to buy controlling policy determine how well her stock does I smell a conflict. Yeah. It's a massive conflict of interest. And she was, like, of course it's a massive conflict of interest. I'm twenty I'm going to divest guys and then it took her like six months to best. And while that was happening. She made four hundred thousand dollars off of her. She just said infrastructure on repeat every interview she was like infrastructure and also infrastructure. And you know why are we talking about it? If. Destruction. I mean initiative vested I wouldn't be shocked. If there's some kind of sneaky way we're on paper, it doesn't look like she owned stock in this, but she's still getting like major kickbacks for the success of this company. We have all gravel roads everywhere, you'll get rid of grass. Like the stuff that they do in the Trump administration is just more transparent versions of the things that are already happening. Like normally what you would do is you would have this job and then go and become like the chairman of the board at a gravel company and make money off of that. But she's doing it at the same time, and it's just an amazing like lack of effort at being like they're just like I don't they don't even care, but they are gonna do. Yeah. They don't Trump has been so unethical that he's really open the floodgates to politicians being able to frolic who they truly are right. Which I love that. Beach. I didn't want to think about any of the Mona be picturing, Mitch McConnell frolicking through field. We she's like my solution to ocean cleanup make the ocean gravel road. So she also used her position to set up meetings between her family's company and the Chinese government, her family are Chinese shipping like magnates. They have a huge shipping company, and this is actually interesting because people there was a story at a certain point during the mid terms where people were like, wait, so much McConnell has made the most money in the past, like, ten years, and people were wondering if it was because he had done something a corrupt, and it was actually because he married Elaine Chao challenge. She is like a huge shipping, air and has tons and tons of money. But she is still, you know, trying to use her position in shady ways to enrich her and her family. So, yeah. Can be doing it right. Sample from the her shoe line to go out of business shut out to that, because I told you those shoes a narrow. It's weird that the government has become our new goldrush rate. But we gotta get involved in politics. So we can make this money. They are probably quietly, the most powerful incorrupt people in, in Washington or among them, because, you know, McConnell, has huge power, and now she has incredible power, and the Democrats are kind of hesitant about going after her with investigations because her husband's Mitch McConnell. So if you go after her with investigations he can be a complete asshole, complete cock, knocker, a believe..

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