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Welcome back to chips with everything i'm jordan erika weber if you're like me and my producer you've heard the phrase fake news bandied about so much by politicians and media outlets that's begun to lose its meaning some argue that the public has become apathetic to the problem of fake news a kind of learned helplessness where we feel like we can't do anything about it so we just don't try but researchers want to help in whatever way they can is sway lou on social professor at concise department at the college of engineering and the plies at university at albany state university of new york my see way and his colleagues ming ching chang unusually recently developed a method of detecting fake videos well early this year the emergence of this deep fake called my attention actually had called a lot of attention from the media part of the because does the way this can fake wheels can be generated so easily with this software you know people have seen some malicious use of this software for generating pornographic videos or actually making potentially making videos will altering people's view certain events i'm sort of foreseeing a large social impact of this line of technology so as always we do as a researchers in digital media friends where we want to do is warm of first line of defense here so dow's when i started thinking about if there is i need tactics that we can use to tact of your husband generated using this software so these scientists have begun to notice fake videos popping up on youtube but how exactly did they go about figuring out how to expose them so what we do is after you know only we collected a lot of the defame generates the wheels on youtube will also generate we don't we got a copy of the software ourselves with play was the software we also augmented a little bit so we have ability of generating fake deep fate wheels ourselves one day after also looking at video i always get a feeding that some part of the wheel is not right and then at that moment i revise all faces synthesized by the software they simply do not blink and that's not moral and then we realized that there is a fundamental reason that is because all this fake wheels are generally by a deeply learning hours them so the beat the deep learning hours using similar things so what they did is they actually find faces say your target faces person hey you give this autism many many images person a possibly you know meetings of and then the hours will starting to learn what looks like person now typically we got images from internet and we got the image of person a on internet and possibly this person or somebody posing his images on internet only say lack those good images and the images typically ms images with no is close so we will have an algorithm that can keep tacking up linking i in the video and then whenever we see a wheel that is do not blink as much as we expected then w maybe a fake one.

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