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I asked mark what he thought. The biggest challenges facing president biden are as he comes into office mark weatherford. I am the chief strategy officer at the national cyber security centre mark. Welcome to security leisure podcast. Good morning i guess maybe a good place to start is kind of coming into office in your mind. What are the to do for any incoming administration especially given the last four years and everything that's happened. You know there are just hundreds and hundreds of what i think. Are you know urgent cybersecurity priorities. But you know if i had to say one thing that would be a priority above all and that is that the president be of vocal and leading out on discussing cybersecurity leadership starts at the top and the nation follows a positive direction. And so i think you know. President biden coming out and and as he's already done said that that cyber was going to be a priority in the administration he wants to give the technology modernisation fund over nine billion dollars to modernize you know federal cybersecurity. I think he's setting the tone appropriately now. The really i think everyone has kind of sitting back and kind of going. Okay what's going to be the position you know after the last four years honestly you know we kind of move backwards a little bit and de prioritized The visibility of cybersecurity. i think. Crucial that you know that the president kind of make this a platforms but but certainly needs to be one of his priorities. I obviously there's just so much happened during the trump administration Much of it not good was. Was there anything that they got right or any positive developments in the last four years or were we really more or less treading water as a country or if may be seeking sinking little further beneath aways. Yeah so you know you like them or not you do up to give you know president trump credit for for what he did that was positive and he put out a a national cybersecurity strategy document which was was pretty good He put out Several executive orders related to cybersecurity. So you know. They didn't move backwards. I mean they established organization during the trump administration and now even though he ended up at the end you know firing chris crabs sis a came to life during the trump administration. I don't think that they it wasn't a priority and it wasn't visible in fact in cases where the president had the opportunity. President trump had the opportunity to to lean forward kind of kind of minimized. Am the cybersecurity discussion. Which if you're not leading forward leaning forward you know. The the nation follows the president Positive message of the president and and we just weren't getting that in the last administration. The i think cyber scares been one of those areas where it truly is bipartisan in dc and nominee things. There aren't that many issues you can say that about but there does seem kinda cross cross party boundaries. Support for cybersecurity. But i think that if you were to look you would say well. In in some ways trump administration or donald trump himself politicized cyber certainly in concern in relation to russian and also chinese cyber activity because it all kinda led back to the core question around the two thousand sixteen election.

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