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Welcome to classics for Kids I'm Naomi Lewin Fransius of Haydn is known as the father of the symphony because he took that form of orchestra music and perfected it. . But no one changed the symphony more than Ludvig Fund Beethoven. . The First Symphony Beethoven wrote definitely sounds like it was influenced by Haydn's music. . By the time Beethoven wrote his second symphony tragedy had struck, , but you'd never know it from the music. . The Summer Beethoven wrote his Second Symphony was the summer he realized he was going death. . Instead of letting his misery out in his music Beethoven put it all into a letter at the end of which he said he wasn't going to let deafness stop him from being a musician. . When Napoleon Bonaparte started conquering Europe Van was a huge fan because he thought Napoleon was going to help ordinary people. . Beethoven planned to dedicate his third symphony to Napoleon. . <music>. . But then Napoleon. . Crowned himself emperor proving that he was more interested in power than people. . Beethoven was furious and changed the name of his symphony number three to ero- Ika the heroic symphony. . Beethoven's Fourth Symphony has some very dancing music. . Sometimes. . The fourth kind of gets lost in the shuffle between the Aurora and the even more famous symphony that came next Beethoven's fifth. . Avenue. . The man who wrote the first biography of Beethoven claimed that the composer meant the opening at the to be knocking at the door. . But a student of Beethoven's thought his teacher had nothing more faithfully mind than a bird call from a kind of sparrow a yellowhammer. . Whether or not Beethoven included a bird in his fifth. . He certainly put birds and a lot more nature into his six, , which even has a nature nickname, , the pastoral or pastorale symphony. . No birds at all in Beethoven's symphony number seven just rousing music. . In Beethoven's Eighth Symphony something is clearly ticking. . More about that next week, , which brings us to Beethoven's ninth a piece that completely changed how people thought of symphonies. . No one had ever used singers in a symphony before, , but Beethoven put plenty of them into the last movement of the peace in his famous. . Ode to Joy, , with words by German playwright. . Friedrich Schiller. . I one person seems it. . And eventually a whole chorus joins in. . People all over the world know and love Beethoven's Ninth Symphony. . When the Berlin Wall came down, , they celebrated with a huge concert featuring Beethoven's ninth. . I've been sung it in China where audiences went crazy next week the mechanical object in Beethoven's symphony number eight and a lot more pieces of music describe inanimate objects

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