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Prime minister. Boris johnson has urged his fellow citizens to reconcile themselves to the idea of having themselves as he put a merry little christmas keeping gathering small and celebrations modest. And if there's any one person. In britain who can be taken completely seriously as a model of prudent abstemious restraint in their personal it is surely boris johnson covid nineteen restrictions will be relaxed over christmas but the government seems to be hoping that people will observe from anyway. It is infamous fairness quite the messaging challenge especially as vaccinations begin how to remind people that while we may be on the right track. We are not the woods on with more on this by lance price former director of communications at ten downing street lance if we focus specifically on the messaging challenge over this christmas would actually be easier. If there wasn't a vaccine. Well i don't know about that would be simple. Obviously if he could just say to everybody you can't dismiss. Let's cancel christmas. I'll be grinch. I know it's tough. But i'm prepared to do it because people aren't going to die if i don't and the vaccine certainly complicates whose ability to say that there's any evidence that he wants to say anyway and but it does make the challenge of advising people that the rules of area but that actually the government doesn't want you to follow the rules and he says it's too late to check for people to change their plans and then in the next press. He advises people to do exactly that. And to restrict themselves to stay in fewer people for less time than the rules actually allow. What would be the political judgment against just going full grinch. Would it be as i think a number of skeptics have suggested just that boris johnson has a chronic aversion to bearing bad news. Or or would it be a apps. More realistic assessment. That people just wouldn't listen anyway more of the latter than the former. He's had to accept his responsibility for delivering bad news. And although he's always reluctant to do it and he looks very uncomfortable doing it. He has full become used to having to do that. And i think where he's falling down. These is in in recognizing with the vaccine starting to be rolled out with relatively slowly. And it's only a relatively short period of time. Now that people have to knuckle down and be super super castle and <hes>. He has taken his foot off the accelerator. He said that people can have this five day break and over over christmas when he knows in his heart of hearts. An older advisors are telling him this that it's very dangerous. Relaxation of the rules and that people will die one commentator in the in the times of london this morning describing those people who will out sadly lose their lives as being like you know the young men who went over the wire in the dying hours of the first world war just before the armistice signed. When you think back to your time in downing street did you have a general philosophy or idea of an approach for a moment of national crisis. Was there a a tone you so you thought you should take. Yes and i think. I'm a clearly nothing on the scale but we had to deal with some pretty bad news that had to be delivered to the to the public about health crises and about other matters as well and they approach to be always was to be extremely direct. Not give anybody the impression that you're holding anything that lay the facts on the table and actually go for a harder. Line the hats. You might be tempted to go full because you'll always regret it if you don't think that's a lesson that this government hasn't managed to learn. Do you think it's arguable. That boris johnson's appeals to a sense of personal responsibility. Fall into that whether that can be set to fit into the axiom that a moment like this. It's better to treat people like this soldiers than treat them like the victims. You know give people a sense of responsibility. Give them a a sense of purpose. Not that's all very well. We've some people clearly clearly doesn't work with other people. I think they have the evidence now to back that up because we have seen in parts of the country where people have been told to behave themselves in toll to a dietary restrictions. And they haven't done if you look at those graphs. We say on the on the news every night as they are taking up again despite the two or three restrictions that have been imposed and there is still that element of confusion about the door and people unsure about whether or not they all supposed. To be a vein. The rules or not just a few minutes ago. We had the health secretary in the house of commons announcing that cut large areas southland east of england being put into the higher tier two to three but literally less than a week. Not enough time for to make any difference and all of that is it. Goes against the sense of either got options. One is to give people personal responsibility and i just ask them to be sensible and appeal to their better. Nature's other to tell them have to do. It's fully between both stools. Do you think the government has yet recovered the credibility it squandered earlier in the year by defending dominic cummings for flouting the rules that they had themselves laid down an indeed that he'd helped drawer up that lingers that linda's own that was a key turning points in the government's communication strategy and in the confidence that the public <unk> advised from from number ten. The prime minister look really embarrassed when that was put to him directly by the labour leader promises questions on yesterday <hes>. He didn't even answer. Didn't attempt to answer because there is no answer he can give to that. And and and i think that from that moment on people were less feeling. Well i will make up my own mind about this and in many ways the libertarian and boris johnson is okay with that it wants people to make a thorough months but he wants to make the right decision and and it don't make the right decision a he knows in his heart of hearts going into going into christmas and that if there is a significant increase in deaths over christmas he might try to blame it on people not doing not doing what. He's advise them to but most people will blame it on him for not been clear. They just finally do you think. Boris johnson has yet found a way to adjust himself to what is clearly a serious situation. I know we've talked about this before that you you have now. Situation where amount newest spent his entire career in public life pitching himself as a fundamentally unserious figure has to lead the country at a moment like this he struggles with it on on a daily basis. And you can see that in the not only the lack of clarity in his mind every time he opens melted public. Whether it's a news conference or the house of commons you can see that. He's wrestling with the prime minister. Team wants to be in thought it was going to be on. The one is having to be in the midst of this crisis. And i'm afraid his critics and i would count myself among them. <hes> have never found the need to revise our view. That is the romance. The job at this time land price. Thank you as always.

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