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Their own. This is a this is a health problem. In a pandemic should forget about venezuela playing this match this went from colombian civil unrest out of columbia to. Let's take it of argentina because of the positive cases going around in the country in a country. That's just as bad when it comes to positive cases or cova cases in brazil that their own players the national team players in brazil. We're willing not to participate in this. In this event it baffles me that we're talking about this going on right now venezuela casualty who will be next same here. I feel the same way you do. And i would add just one more thing. Because we're we're asking suada do something about it right either. Bring players from your country that we're not called up. What about accountable is isn't exactly. That's why we have comforta- rations who are supposed to be decision. Makers because there were tests ran before the game you can also put perceive players at risk. I mean fortunately nothing other than that has happened. But why should be on venezuela's shoulders to make that decision. Shouldn't go notable take a step forward and say listen. It's not healthy. we have to. We have to be very very cautious on this topic. Why are we leaving the teams to make that decision not convoy because of the money because of the money this tournament hash paying and various various countries to try to get this going. Brazil ended up being the country. It says we will help out and make some money. We will do this. The us was also in consideration. And maybe the us could have pulled it up because of the infrastructure the stadiums that are already here. But you're talking about putting more congested schedule into what is already a tournament where you have gold cup going to happen and now cope american the same country and we're still in a pandemic people need to be mindful need to realize we're in a pandemic things are getting better but you can't just all of a sudden do something like this and expect to not be consequences.

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