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The united states of america because we're trying to deal with a serious issue of border security and and whether we're a nation or not a nation and what kind of immigration policies were going to have an and all of that while the democrats are obviously hellbent like she hadi's hellbent for leather like they're pal harvey weinstein one of their big fundraiser on derailing any effort at controlling immigration right so in the end this is about the democrats destroying america just a that's the shorthand the thumbnail that in a in a in a in a nutshell there they want i've been reading the memo from jennifer palmieri communications director for hillary clinton's campaign and in the obama administration who in a memo right there from the centre american progress earlier this week declared that the future of the democratic party depends entirely on the current immigration construct because that's what they've based all their models on open borders amnesty chain migration that's how they whim that's the browning of america they and if you're not for open borders then they call you a racist it's the political tactic that the clan uses that i'm sorry the democratic party and and i'm looking at the senate and here we are a group of adults behind closed doors and one of the most secure rooms in the world and the president correctly and accurately refers to add a didn't provide a list of countries that he's talking about but we all know that libya is us bit ball country that haiti is a spit ball country that you know burkinafasso with it's beautiful capital of a ouagadougou.

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