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That Chattanooga led that game for 39 minutes and 35 seconds. It's a 40 minute game. In case you don't follow college basketball too closely. 40 minute game in regulation, Chattanooga led the game for all, but 25 seconds Illinois took the lead for the first time inside the final minute. Chad anuga had the ball last possession with a chance to win it. Malachi Smith got it. His first shot blocked and then got it back. And incredibly, got a one bounce in rhythm clean look mid range jumper and just missed it. And after the game, he said, that's a shot I practice. Every day. Because the one bounce pull up jumper is a shot every basketball player practices every day. He says the shadow practice every day. So shadow usually make and I missed it and I let my teammates down and he was really down in the dumps about it. Now, you know, as teammates will lift him up and he'll be okay. But when you Chattanooga, you don't so it's a program that hasn't won an incidentally tournament game. Beliefs since 1997, it's been a long time. And you don't get many opportunities where you've got a clean look at a makeable jumper to beat a Big Ten champion. And that's what they had. And he just missed it. So Illinois moves on to play Houston, which destroyed UAB on Friday night 82 68. Like I said, jelly walker was not good in this one. Houston really prioritized making things difficult for him. He finished just one of Tim from three. Yeah, I don't know how much of this game you ended up catching, but this Illinois comeback was truly stunning. The mox led by 14 points in the first half. They opened the second half with a 7 O run. They ended up going up by 11 points there. Illinois had a ten O run in the second half and Alfonso plummer really honestly just completely bailed Illinois out in the second half. He had 13 of his 15 points in the second half. He made all three of Illinois's three pointers in this game, and they were all in the second half. David Jean Baptiste only had four points on two of 11 shooting. Really Chattanooga's office just completely flatlined in the second half. And this was a defensive shootout in many ways. There was a ton of offense to go around. I was impressed that Illinois was able to at least hang on in this game and yeah, they led for all of 25 seconds, but they were the 25 seconds that ended up mattering and they escaped 54, 53. I saw all of the early stuff. Because, you know, I wasn't in studio till later. I was doing CBS CBS sports headquarters during the day right in a column during the day. Had radio at four central 5 eastern and then in the studio. But the truth is, we went on air live at. 11 p.m. eastern, and we were on air for two straight hours. You know, commercial breaks, but that's it. We're on air for two straight hours, highlights, going to press conferences. The discussing what just happened, discussing what it sets up. So once it gets late, that's when I, I'm not able to watch the games anymore because we're talking on television. So like early, I saw Ohio State loyal to Chicago. And man, loyal to Chicago just, I mean, terrible. 41 points against Ohio State. It's Ohio State team that's not great defensively. I think they were like one 32 and adjusted defensive efficiency. According to Ken pom before the game and like jumped up to a round 100 after the game, like moved significantly because of how well they handled loyal to Chicago on that end of the court. So loyal to Chicago eliminated in the first round. I saw all of that. Obviously Notre-Dame Alabama, the Irish, the latest first 14, to advance to the round of 32. We talked about this on CBS Sports Network tonight. If you're Notre-Dame, you don't want to be in the first four. Nobody wants to be in the first four. If you get there as an at large team, it means that you didn't have a great season. But once you get there, if you're Notre-Dame, you got to feel like, all right, we can win two games here because in the first one you're playing another first 14. By definition, they're just like you. And incredibly, they get to play into the main bracket and they get an Alabama team that had lost to teams worse than them all season long. Like when you get into these types of situations where it's a win or you're done, those are the stakes. I'm always interested to look at one team and go, okay, and this is oversimplifying it, sure. But you'll get the point. Hey, is this team we're about to play? Have they lost to anybody like us all season long? And if the answer is no, you're up against it, right? Now, obviously there are exceptions to this. Saint Peter's Kentucky being a great one. Wild things happen. But what Notre-Dame could do when it got matched up with a game with Alabama say, hey, is Alabama lost to anybody like us? This season? And you say, oh boy, they've lost a plenty of people like you this season. And people way worse than you this season. So I thought that was a favorable matchup for Notre-Dame. I actually picked Notre-Dame to win the game. And of course, when javon Quinn goes down with what Nate oats described as a serious knee injury, I don't want to say that was game set match, but it just felt like, you know, if Alabama was going to win this game, they needed to have their full complement of players and when you lose somebody, the caliber quarterly, that got real tough. And so then Alabama ends up losing the game by 14 points. Yeah, and the quarterly injury injury was early in the game too for Alabama. That was kind of a tough break early and Notre-Dame was really, really impressive in this one, especially. I mean, you look at the Irish, they just played a double overtime game just a few days ago. Cormac Ryan was on just an absolute heater in this one. 29 points. For Notre-Dame was really impressed with what he was able to do. Alabama, last season, I was really impressed with what 8 notes NATO stood with that team as one of the best defensive teams in college basketball. That has really not been the case for that team all year. They've been hot or cold. They've had some great wins. They beat Gonzaga. They beat Baylor, but they've lost to some teams that are much worse than I think they probably should have should have probably ended up winning. So not surprised that they would fall in the first round. And definitely not surprised that this Notre-Dame team that seems to be gelling at the right time was able to knock them out of the bracket. Virginia tech entered today, having won the ACC tournament, Notre-Dame. Texas rather entered a day on a three game losing streak and then Texas goes out and handled Virginia tech 81 73, so Chris beard once again advancing in the NCAA tournament and then I do want to highlight Iowa state over LSU. 59 54 TJ burger in the round of 32 of the NCA tournament after inheriting a program that won just two games last season. I mean, that is a remarkable coaching job. And it's also the reason fan bases and we've talked about this before. And athletic directors don't want to really hear anybody talking about I got a three year plan or I need time or people need to be patient. Like TJ Austen burger has blown that out of the water. Trust me, you take over power.

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