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There's other tight end I now I can't take India Thomas. Right? Experienced raw, yeah, young and experienced in rob, but impressive in training camp for them. And I wouldn't be surprised if he gets a look in the end zone. Sure. Maybe I am for me. I mean, when you think about, you know, a wide receiver getting a twenty four percent target share, you know you think the staff is defined as quoted right, in terms of the kind of target here he got without Greg Olsen there, and this is a defense that didn't look good against Philadelphia, and it's opener, but losing Cananea losing the on Jones. Like this is a, this is a defense that's reeling now you've got Cam Newton. I think this is going to be a fairly high scoring game, and I think in terms of how they moved the ball, yes, I believe McCaffrey has a big game here, but also Devin. Funchess. I think he's easily a top twenty wide receiver there. This is a guy that led the Panthers red zone targets and with no Greg Olsen there when they getting close, they're going to be looking for him. If they start throwing, I'm going to cop to it. I did not put tally lock it into my rankings because when you're balancing upwards of one hundred different player that particular position, sometimes you lose track of those players but defined. You've got him as potential upside play this week. Yeah, I think it's exactly that you just. Find it because I expecting that. You know, obviously we're not gonna have Doug Baldwin. They've pretty much said as much I do like Tyler Lockett for some opportunity there, but still still guarded because of it being Chicago few, you've got a much higher. I have a much higher than to find it as I mean, I have matured twenty six. I mean, here's a guy that that ran from the slot a ton last week over sixty. Four percent of his routes were were were run from the slot and expect that number to increase obviously with Doug Baldwin their primary slot receiver not playing in this game against Chicago last year. The bears bottom twelve defense when defending in terms of both completion percentage and touchdowns think about what Randall Cobb did to the bears last week out of the slot. And some of that was because they were in catch up mode, but I don't think they're gonna be able to run very successfully on the road at Chicago. So the only way they're moving, the ball is through the air. And so Tyler Lockett who has the most connection, the longest history with Russell Wilson should see very high target share. I think running out. Of the slot will be good for him. Yeah. I mean, I think he's, like I said, I have them as a flex play with high upside honestly, and I might be too low on him at twenty six. The opportunity is there for a big big night on Monday. You're about to create the next goal hawk signing and Madden NFL nineteen because with more control on and off the gridiron you'll define your t.'s outcome because when the lights come on, it's the decisions you made before this nap. That determines what happens between the whistles and what happens between the whistles this how franchises are built. And when you're on the biggest stage, it's about the moment and doing whatever it takes to hoist that trophy in Madden nineteen. You make the plays that when you games. Thing..

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