Fifty Percent, Two Hundred Ninety Degrees discussed on Radiolab


They pick you up by your tailspin you round a bunch of times with missie during their way you all you don't know which direction of facing it and then they say right now go find the biscuit if he do this with the rat what will happen is it will say all right let me go find the biscuit and it will go to one corn which looks rights but of course the room also looks like baffi she turned around two hundred ninety degrees and face exactly the opposite direction because it's erecting so they get it right about fifty percent of the time because corners of rectangles of two of them identical yeah all right so we get on with this because i am well aware of this is just a it's needs to get that out of the way the cool part is coming up i hope over what he experimented did next is they took one of the four white walls and he turned it blew so imagine this scenario and you're in this room get these four white walls are rather three way walls one of them is blu ray it will now you're not confuse anymore you can you can relate everything to the blue light be like oh the corner with the biscuit with the left of the blue wall a right of blue wall eager to laugh you now have the blue wall as a navigational clue gas that makes sense you know we will be able to do that that's not going to be difficult force rx it'll be got to the good plug as going to come turns out there the rats he says they still scoring 5050 what is this if they can't take any notice of the blue wool even with the blue wall they're only finding the biscuit fifty percent of the.

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