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That the surge in cases is still days away it is the talk of the town every town across the nation when will we re open the most important thing I think we all need to do what we think about re opening the economy is to do it safely under Charlie Baker yesterday at joint base Cape Cod the sight of a brand new field hospital as president trump backs off on his claim that he has total authority when it comes to re opening America he kicks that issue back to the states trump says parts of the country may re open sooner than his proposed may first St the president predicting some states could end their safer at home guidelines before the end of April we think that some of the governors will be in really good shape to open up even sooner than that will speak to them but we're all set but many governors saying they are not said insisting before they reopened they will rely on their own health officials and ensuring widespread testing not a presidential order Andy field ABC news Washington California governor Gavin Newsom is one of those governors he's starting to envision what life might look like in his state when it does re open we're trying to create an architecture around what that looks like in a very thoughtful way driven by this driven by health driven by science not driven by politics large gatherings of people likely will be banned for several months he says Los Angeles mayor Eric Garcetti says Delhi police have followed up with more than a thousand reports of non essential business is continuing to operate despite orders to temporarily shut down Jerry Preston ABC news heavy hearts inside the Boston police department this morning as corona virus kills a longtime Cobb when the police commissioner announces one of their own has fallen it's usually not too a virus yet here we are he fought a valiant the courageous fight against cove it nineteen Boston police commissioner William crosses officer Jose Fonte as joined the force in nineteen ninety one and work to make a plane since nineteen ninety six he was fifty three our first responder families were not robotics we're not immune this virus is devastating almost everyone that touches both the mayor and the commissioner spoke with his wife he these four children and a grandchild Karen regal WBZ Boston news radio cove in nineteen the story of our times keeping up with the illness get use to social social distancing a new study out of Harvard says the world will likely need to practice some version of it right through the year twenty twenty two in the interest of social distancing the Cambridge city council wants to keep the cars off memorial drive leaving that road open for pedestrians and cyclists as the weather gets a little bit better and help is on the way for those working the front lines at nursing homes in the form of extra cash state officials will allow those facilities to boost pay by up to twenty five percent still to come on WBZ newsradio Hey mom and dad doing a lot of teaching the kids at home these days it's also have their jobs that they're trying to do it all certainly is not easy that story on the way six oh three let's check the roads as traffic and weather together and we begin with the Subaru retailers of New England all wheel drive traffic on the threes lari Grandy it is raining again it is raining again we get a water water everywhere not a drop to drink we get that huge water main break going on right now is just south of the pine street inn it's actually on Harrison Avenue in the south end and it happened actually at nine thirty last night they've still been working at Harrison Avenue was closed off between Mauldin street and east Berkeley street right now also going to crash to watch out for south on four ninety five it's on the ramp to the pike westbound eastbound route to this right lane closure for work between the Emerson hospital and Walden pond let's check in now with Kristen act in the my free insurance copter Allari were making our way south here on route one into the Danvers stretch looks very good up ahead in Peabody at the jug handle lights what lights cycle if it's red when you got there otherwise watch for the late drop down to three ninety nine and then the construction area Carter street Chelsea Krista docket of operate insurance copter died days Chris is still looking good on the lower deck in the lever connector down his well I'm Laurie grantee WBZ's traffic on.

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